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Just had my AFK Distribution Hauler no scoped by the triangle people.
Inb4 HTFU. Not complaining just wondering …

So, I thought all this invasion stuff was over ?

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Surprised you haven’t seen other people complain about it with how much time you spend on the forums. Regardless, even though the event is over, the trigs are still around. They can spawn in minor triglavian victory systems, as well as systems that can spawn wormholes to pochven. The easiest way to deal with them is to get positive standings towards both edencom and the trigs. Then you won’t have to worry about either ever again… unless they bug out and shoot you anyway (in which case you have to file a support ticket to get reimbursed).
No P2W

Oh, and obligatory HTFU, and all that :wink:


Well, you never stop learning I guess.

Thanks for the advice. Not sure if I can be bothered getting the standings.
Likely easier to just find a distribution agent elsewhere.

PS : I am convinced they only wear the suits because they ugly AF.

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This needs to ■■■■ off. The instant locking npcs on gates in high sec is the dumbest ■■■■■■■ thing they’ve put into Eve to date only second maybe to scarcity. If you make ticket and complain they might replace it. They did for me.

It’s so stupid that I can avoid actual players easily in my dst but some npcs that shouldn’t exist in the first place are unavoidable and lock you the same tick that you uncloak from gate. I hate these npc gate camps. One of the many horrible design decisions this dev team has made. Mistake after mistake it’s pathetic.


It was necessary after high-sec PvP and piracy were nerfed to such an extent that barely anything gets destroyed anymore. All the “griefers” got starved out of existence, so now everyone gets insta-lock NPCs instead.

Hard to cloak when theres 30 trigs on gate, plus concord, plus state, plus wrecks because even with warp points you will get scrammed.

Its the equivalent of someone at ccp taking a shovel to your sand castle and smashing it to ■■■■ just so you have to rebuild it.

Like this guy Vindicator | Azed Ali | Killmail | zKillboard

Im sure he will resub

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