Triglavian Invasion: How to gain positive standing with the Triglavian Collective

I’ve noticed many people attempting to run the blockade in Niarja without any positive standings with the Triglavian Collective.

It’s not going to work.

While the Entropic Disintegrator Werpost (Steve) no longer insta-locks, there are large Triglavian fleets that roam the system and especially like hanging out by the star gates. The best way to reduce the risk, and get through unscathed, is to gain positive standing with the Triglavian Collective.

The systems of Ambeke (Gallente) and Nourvukaiken (Caldari) are both close to Jita and are excellent places to farm standing with the Triglavian Collective. The easiest way to gain standing is by completing EDENCOM Forward Posts, combat sites in the system designed to be completed in small gangs of 3+ players. These sites can be found on the probe scanner but do not need to be scanned down.

Kybernaut CEO Ashterothi has created several fits capable of soloing these sites (Solitaire) or spider-tanking in small groups (Mosaic). Anti-Gallente ships are “Emerald”.

Safe flying out there!

Yes, but if you do this, won’t your EDENCOM standings go negative? And if that happens, then you won’t be able to take the remaining high-sec route in/out of Amarr, because it goes through 2 systems that were taken by EDENCOM, leaving you with just the Niarja route, which might be player-camped.

Am I correct? I don’t really do PvE stuff, so I’m not sure if I’m getting the whole story here.

Also, how fast do you need to warp to be completely immune to the NPCs in Niarja?

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Yes. It should be noted that edencom controls almost 2 and a half times the number of systems as the triglavians last I checked, and something like 60% of the trig wins are in caldari space alone (11/17 final lims, 13/23 minors, so 60% caldari systems currently). It’s worse to be negative to edencom than it is to be negative to trigs currently. There’s a few places where it’s obnoxious to be negative to trigs but they’re not super common. Now that Niarja is effective nullsec it’s not like you actually want to haul through it anyways with the player camps going on there. Is a (manually updated) site that can show the states of system control and invasion “final” states (minor victories can technically be flipped over to the other side if they’re re-invaded). It can be a bit delayed but it’s one way to see who owns what currently.

On top of all of this, there has been some in game flavor text that suggest stargates will turn off in final lim systems and they’ll only be accessible through wormholes anyways.

Carrus actually knows that being negative to edencom is a bad idea, he’s just trying to trick people into siding with trigs.

just did the run with no standings with trig or edencom.

Yes there are heaps of npc trips and gate campers.

Lost 1/4 shield HP.

YES only 1/4.

The benefit i had was a ship that’s immune to bubbles and other tackles, and covert cloak. Plus didn’t warp straight from one gate to the other, instead used a random planet/station/etc. to bounce off to come in at a different angle on the gate.

:red_circle: The trig NPC are the least of your issues there.

Plus, even if you have slightly positive trig standing, the werpost can and will still go ballistic on you because they are werposts and we all know how approachable werwolfs are to reason. There have been several instances where people with positive trig standing still got zapped by these werposts.

Not to mention that you cannot reliably get even a cloaky ship through there because of the triglavian NPC spam on all the gates. So, instead of wasting your time on getting good trig standings which won’t help you in Final Loon systems anyway, just fly an insta warp ship and carry on.

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There shouldn’t be bubbles, but I wonder how quick you need to be able to warp to not get locked by any NPC entities at all.

In Edencom systems players are not an issue like it is in Trig systems.


Insta warp because the tackle players on the gate will tackle you otherwise. I would not trust cloak to help you there.

You should also keep in mind that Trig NPC cheat and warp to your pings instantly. They even land on your ping spot before you even full left the warp tunnel.

Players are fine, but how fast can the fastest-locking Trigs lock? Just wondering how low alignment time needs to be pushed to be 100% effective.

Instawarp, <2s. Else you are likely dead. Cloak may help but with lots of stuff around gates you risk being in a bad spot on arrival.

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Syfa you wound me!

I can assure you that my motivations are purely innocent. I just want to give pvpers a fair shot entering the Niarja thunder-dome and for Blockade Runners to make some quick ISK actually running a blockade.

cough hail Zorya Triglav cough

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So, ive been away from Eve for a while. If you have positive rep with the Trigs and decide to go to Niaja, i assume you would still show as Neutral to any player camps so still get wasted? Or has that changed now? Just wondering before i decide to jump back in the game and join the trigs and fly their sexay ships…

You wouldn’t get shot by Steve, but still by the players, yes.

Guess i better learn how to say " No Shoot I R Friendly" In Trig then!

Just go in capsule.

Like this:

Hе стреляйте, меня зовут Борат, я люблю вас, я люблю секс!

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Not if you’re a dumbass. If you know what you’re doing it is not a problem at all.

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Trigs pod in those systems.

Ive read somewhere else that the trigs are being supported by goons. I dont like goons. Never have. Looks like i will have to go Edencom now.

**Although met some in RL at a London meet years ago and they were jolly nice fellows

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If the Goons and Trigs are teamed up, then the entire invasion is probably a scam.

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