LF Corp PvE w/casual small-gang pvp

I’ve been doing FW for a while and it has become very stale.

I’m interested in getting involved with the new triglavian content and learning abyssals, I have padded my wallet nicely over the last 6 months from faction warfare and can invest into the right ships/skills or whatever is needed.

Small to mid size corp
Wont give me a hard time over my killboard
I don’t really want to be part of an alliance (i like the social aspect of eve and tight knit corps are the best I’ve found)
Good income
Fun non-hardcore pvp
not WH/0.0 will consider lowsec

please reply to this thread only, this is an alt and i don’t check my mails very often on this character but if you reply to this thread I will definitely check your corp out.


Lol why no wormholes? Literally what you described points to wormholes.

Sinister. - Founded in 2016 our spiritual home is in the northern region of Venal. Currently residing in caldari space we offer the very best in Abyssal and Triglavian content.

  • Daily abyssal fleets
  • Coaching and abyssal training
  • Newbros and Veterans
  • Closed and vibrant Triglavian market
  • Instant isk loot buyback
  • Triglavian blueprint buyback
  • Founders of The Fourth Clade organisation
  • Owners of Abyssal Trading
  • Industrial and mining wing
  • Triglavian production and invention
  • At the forefront of Triglavian invasion content
  • Experienced leadership team
  • Growing and dedicated memberbase

Sinister. is commited to the cultivation and development of abyssal site techniques and Triglavian invasion fleet concepts. We develop and produce all manner of Triglavian harware from ships and ammo to T2 components and abyssal modules. Our PvE pilots are able to sell their loot instantly in our state of the art home fortizar to our industrial wing and other buyers within the oranisation.

The Fourth Clade is a group of likeminded corporations on the cutting edge of abyssal and Triglavian content. We work together to ensure our organisation is able to fund and perform fleet operations including abyssal deadspace sites, Triglavian invasions, mining the rare minerals for triglavian T2 production, and pvp on a casual basis and also to defend our way of life.

If this is something you are interested in becoming a part of please contact MurderDeathKill or Aslon Seridith and drop into our Discord public server.

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