Back after 10 years... need assistance

Hello there,
thanks to CCP I could restore my 10 years old account.

But… after a few minutes I was lost. Most of my skills were inactive due to Alpha Status. And it seems that my long-ranged sniper Rupture is useless (with those skill caps).

Now: I need your help. Were should I start? Which ship (for PvE only by now), where could I research skils etc.

I am really a bit lost now…

Sir Myr

If you want to restart without sub (“Alpha” account): Create a new char, do some intro missions and get back the feeling. Your existing Char won’t be affected that way, but you can easily transfer ISK form one Char to another for a comfortable start.
As soon as you resub, your Account turns into “Omega” status and all your skills are working again, so you can have fun with your existing char.

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Resubscribe to get omega status and you get your skills back. Simple.


Make a new character and redo the tutorial.

If you then want, hop back on your original guy and run some missions or something to get some practice. Google an Alpha-friendly fit compatible with your skills/preferences.

If you do anything else, you probably will want to be Omega anyway. Aside from perhaps some flavours of PvP and old/lower tier PvE content, Alphas are only so useful. What do you want to do?

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Low end PVE is quite practical with Alpha skills. Your Rupture may not have the benefit of Omega skills but it can still fit T2 weapons and tank. You may need to make some adjustments for CPU and power grid - in general it’s easier to fit autocannons than artillery. Pyfa has replaced the EFT fitting tool you probably remember from 10 years ago.

To get reacquainted with the game, I wouldn’t bother with a new character - simply refit your Rupture to match your current skill limitations and run some new player content like the SOE Epic Arc

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I would start playing again as an Alpha for now to get your grounding. Check out the Agency for information about a lot of things to do in EVE. If you want more advice you can EVEMail me in-game or check out the Convocation of Empyreans Alliance.

EVE is about learning, there is a lot to do, but first, you have to discover what attracts you and how to best go about it, THEN you can commit to that and do things like getting Omega and the perfect ship. For now, use cheap expendable things that you can learn with.

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Simple…subscribe like the old days.

Omega = old style subscription, with no limitations on skills etc.

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:slight_smile: This is what I did in the end (renewed my subsciption)
Run a few L3 and L4 Missions wirh my Maelstrom, then switched to my old-style Vulgur and then I remembered all that stuff:
different ammo for different types of enemies - same for shilds; opti-range, drones and all that stuff…

yeah… some fun now with L4 Missions.
Discovered that my stuff is spread all over the galaxy… damned.

Still in my old Corp… but at least one of 3 …

Well… wil check that new content and then I will see where the journey will take me

see ya all in game

and thanks toi all of u


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