Returning to eve

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Hi all,

i played eve online anno ~2003-2005. And i reactivated my account.

Dont know how good my progress was, its so many years in the past… :wink: Stupid question, but is that account any good?

Is that account worth to play again? And what do you suggest to do first as returning player (atm alpha account)? Should i sell my old ships, or are they still viable?

Please help me with some account rating (just curious!!) and give me please some advice what to do first.

Sorry for my weird english, its not my native language.

Best Regards

edit: most of my net worth comes from 2x harvester drones. Are they really that much worth?

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Your old account is fine, keep the SP already trained.

Yes harvester drones are worth that much now, due to big ass new mining ship “Rorqual”.

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You account is still good and I would keep it.

What I would do first is start a new character. You have three character slots so make a brand new one and run the tutorial. Don’t delete your old one, but do the whole new player experience to re-learn the game. If you have three characters already, just make a new account to run the tutorial, even as an alpha clone you will learn a lot.

After that, you are like any new player but with some more SP and some assets. I might sell those Harvester Drones to give you a bank roll to get started (avoid or be careful moving them if you can), but otherwise keep the ships until you have decided what you like to do and find a player group to do that thing with. Then, as you know what your immediate needs are you can sell what you don’t need and start towards that goal.

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