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Hope this is the right place to put this. My friend got me to sign up for Eve yesterday, and didnt check my email until after I signed up. He sent me a refer a friend link but I didnt create the account with it. It wasnt until we were in the game and playing that he asked about my extra skillpoints from signing up under him, and I realized my error. Is there a way to get it added to the account? He said the skillpoints would be really nice to have at the start, and he gets bonuses if I sign up for omega and stuff. some of the people in rookie help said to just make a new account, but I already used my email and username that I wanted to use for eve. can they add it manually? should i put in a ticket?

You can just create another account using same e-mail but with proper referral link. Or you can try to solve it via ticket to support - there is no reason to ask for permission on forums.

Perfect, Ill put in a ticket with them. Just didn’t want to waste supports time if it was answered before. Thanks!

I’m afraid not, although you can try ask support but don’t expect it to be granted. If support does not grant your wish then the only option is to create an account using the referral link your friend sent you. You can have multiple accounts connected to a single email-address.

You just started, the time to change is now before you have much to lose. Using same email should be ok. Yes, you’ll have to change a letter in the name or choose a new one, but… Make a new account using the link.

Did you start as an Alpha? No problem, just start another account with the link. The Alpha account can’t be played at the same time, but it still can be skilled and useful in later days.
But if you already subscribed, that’s bad luck. But same here, many people like the advantage of multiple accounts.

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if you have not paid make a new account with the link and enjoy EVE
you can keep the 2nd account and stay as alpha
multiaccount is the way in EVE anyways … most have more then 1 account so you allready started with 2 then … its ok

welcome to EVE … have fun


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