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Hello, iam a new player (my acc is 1 year old because it was afk so long time)i want ask why is nobody rly want helping new players, they are user with billions of isk when you ask them kindly they dont want give you"? i got only 2 time from player but this is not enough for starting?, are they are players who are helping something like a bank that give beginner one time help or something?

Maybe nobody likes beggars? I know plenty of people who organize giveaways or just people that hand out stuff when in the mood so there surely are such people. On the other hand helping beggars, especially entitled ones… not so much. :stuck_out_tongue:

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Imagine a homeless demi-God on the streetcorner. Yeah I can’t either lol

I help new players all the time- I give advice, support, game contacts, guidance, and sometimes ships, BPCs and other items to support them.

My friendly advice to you is that you are asking for the wrong things if you are asking for ISK instead of knowledge and support. The ISK will disappear quickly, but knowledge, contacts, and experience will last forever and allow you to replace that ISK.

ISK is a means to an end, not a goal.

Welcome to EVE.


It is quite easy to earn ISK by yourself, you need some patience and much eagerness to learn.
You can visit another career agent for a start, then the SoE epic arc every 3 months, you can go ratting and mining (quite safe) or hack wh sites (much reward, much danger). There’s ISK around every corner, but you have to find out which ways you enjoy most to make ISK.
We can give you advice, and tell you how to solve particular problems. But you have to clarify the problems at first.
No money is too general, and I tend to say the problem is not the lack of ISK but the simple rule don’t undock what you can’t afford to lose.
Good news: If you stick to that rule, as your experience and skills grow, so does you wallet.

PS: Perhaps you enjoy being a scammer in a trade hub, that’s a legitimate way to make a fortune, but you need experience.

If you need isk, nobody will give it to you for your own good. If you want to EARN some isk, mail me in-game, I will be glad to help


Please, People who have Billions of isk dont be so much stingy unfair, be kindly and dontate me i will give other players 90% of this isk and help them, it make me fun helping others, if you want i can make a twitch stream and show how i dontate your donations to other players live?

You shouldn’t try to scam in New Citizens Q&A.

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Oh he’s a streamer.

Pretty used to e-begging then.

Please link his stream xD

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…and also link the killmail, inb4 ganked on stream :smiling_imp: :popcorn:


Again, you are missing the point. ISK is not the goal, learning how to play the game is. ISK supports those activities. Lots of us here will help your learn how to play and make money doing what you enjoy in the game, but if you are approaching EVE with your only goal being a big number of imaginary space coins, then you are not going to enjoy the game.

We are not stingy (despite the fact that the money is ours and we owe you absolutely nothing in the first place), we are looking out for your own good, education, and your long-term enjoyment of the game.

Again, if your only reason for being here is to gain ISK without any understanding (or desire to learn) what to actually do with it, then I’m afraid you are playing the wrong game.


Why would I third party donations to other newbies?

If I want 90% of donations to go to other newbies, why not just cut the middleman and pick some randoms from the rookie chat?

This should be closed, since trolling is not allowed in “New Citizens Q&A”.

Begging for isk isn’t allowed, or encouraged.

Thread closed.