I want money

Can some good eve player give me some free isk
please? Please at least 10 million. Thanks for all the support. Thank

Get a Job


Anything for The Fuhrer.

When you’ll have those 10 mil , contact me so we can double them.

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Don’t feed the Troll.
The German term you obviously beg for is “Abfuhr” (=rebuff), btw.

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No one give him money.

First, I don’t want anyone encouraging this type of behavior on the forums. Let’s keep the spam in Jita local, where it belongs.

Second, most beggars in Eve do so professionally. They choose to make a living through begging (and sometimes scamming as well). In fact, many beggers will lie about their situations in order to get money out of you. Thus, in many cases, begging can be considered a scam.

And do note, that it is never impossible for someone to claw their way up from nothing. This isn’t real life, and Eve offers incredible economic mobility for those willing to put in the effort.

No P2W


No begging for isk. It’s in poor form, thank you.