Probs with tutorial using an older character, can't move on

I haven’t played EO in MANY years! I literally don’t recall how to play. So I thought I’d take my old character through the tutorial. I got through part one just fine, but in the 2nd part, it wants me to start training “Surgical Strike.”
Problem is, I don’t seem to have that skill, and it wants to charge me 1.2mil ISK to acquire the skill.
I’m guessing a brand new character would just be given it?
Problem is, the tutorial won’t continue until I start that skill training :frowning: I neither have 1.2mil ISK nor would I want to spend that much right now…
Is there some way to get past this to keep going with the tutorial?

You may be in a better position to just remake with a new character then.

I’m in agreement with Scoots, make a new character. Use your old account to refer a new one so that the new character will get free 1 million SP. Here’s the link:

Oh. Well, I guess there’s wisdom in that… but despite how low in cash ISK the character has, he does have quite a bit in stuff I’d hate to just give up, not to mention a lot of skill points (in, obviously, skills that are pre-several years ago). Just feel like a waste :frowning:

Well you wouldn’t be throwing the old character away. You’d simply make a new one in order to re-learn the game. You’d be able to go back to the old one at any time.

Good point :slight_smile: …but then, looks like I’d have to go back and buy a bunch of basic skills for millions of ISK that a new character evidently gets for free :laughing: oh well, nothing’s perfect :slight_smile:


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