Limited Skillpoints

Just wondering why the devs have wasted my limited skill points on stuff I’ll never do like Mining, Marketing, Industry, Science…
My character started with more than 300k used SP.
Why didn’t they give those skill points in Redeem Window and let us choose to spend them on what we want to do?
Why would I need Science IV with 20% bonus to blueprint copying speed? :thinking: I don’t want to do any Research, not even sure it will help anything as Alpha clone.

And since I have the floor…
Is there anything the devs can do about all the stuttering and freezing in the game? I’m not even three days into it and it’s already started to bug tf out of me.

You can change the graphic settings
Press esc and then at the side change shaders to medium or low.

And with the 4.7 million sp that you have left to skill you can skill for another half a year so it isnt so bad.

Potato mode? I’ve had this pc since 2016 - Win10 - and have never had to adjust graphics quality on a game. My pc even runs games that website “can I run it” says it cannot but it does without problems.
I just adjusted the Graphics Content Settings to medium except Texture Quality and Shadow quality and everything became flat, lackluster like I’m playing a game from the year 2000. It’s ugly.
Guess I’ll have to put up with the stutters and freezes.

No it’s not bad at all, just wondered why they didn’t just give those sp and let us choose where we’ll put them.
Thanks for replying.

You could try to disable DirectX 12 in the Launcher Settings, there are still some rare issues like it seems…

DirectX 12 wasn’t unabled in my launcher settings but I tinkered with my NVIDIA settings and everything seems smoother now.
Thank you.

If you want you can redistribute those skillpoints.

Get a skill extractor to take those skills out and put the skillpoints elsewhere. I’ve done it on one of my alts and took out their unused mining skills to put it in skills that I wanted. Yes, skill extractors aren’t free and yes, you cannot extract skills from a character without enough skillpoints or from a character that isn’t Omega, but it may be a bit much to expect everything for free.

They cant use an extractor until they have 5.5 mil sp

How many skill points do I need to extract them?

My account needs Omega to extract the skills?

It’s unreasonable to expect anything for free.
I’m thankful when I hike/camp and am able to drink from a free natural water source. At least we can breathe air for free, I mean it’s free where I live.

So under 5.5mil I can exteact? But only if I’m on Omega?

Above, and only if you are Omega.

Thank you for confirming that.

Each of my kids just got a bucket of candy for free.

Halloween? I’m sure they smiled from ear to ear.

I got free power for my electric scooter for 4 hours at the train station this past Saturday.

BlockquoteNo it’s not bad at all, just wondered why they didn’t just give those sp and let us choose where we’ll put them.
Thanks for replying.

So the reason for that is is that a complete newbie woulndt know what is important in the game and how to do ■■■■


And those 300k spent sp will help them understand what is important in the game?
By the way, what is important in the game?
I’m thinking for an mmo, playing with and against other players would be important.
Also I read we shouldn’t fly what we can’t afford to lose.
Anything else?

My setup use to shutter

Still on a 2016 Intel Core i7-6800K @ 3.40GHz / 32GB / GeForce GTX 1070 / EVO 120GB (Win10)

What fixed mine was;
Download the full Eve game Client & Enable Hardware rendering. Also running Eve with DirectX 12

Passmark of my setting if you wish to run yours and compare;

Graphics settings;

No lag or shutter.

Some of those 300k are useful for the career agents, which is a jumpstart to get free isk and free ships.


@Geo_Eclipse_Oksaras you are right. Some of them are useful.
The spending of skill points at start is suggested by the AIR program. Maybe those 300k sp could be unlocked as the player makes his first choice of career and can be spent either in accordance with AIR or however one pleases.
The tutorial ends so abruptly and it’s a pity that the career agents run out of missions, it feels contrived and unfinished. I’ll do Exploration career agents today and see what more I can learn.
That cloak module sounds enticing, though.
Thanks for replying.

300k is very little, but the way it is already put into basic skills allows new players to try out all aspects of the game (mining, exploration, market, fighting) with basic skills unlocked, rather than allowing the newbie the freedom to put 300k into mining only to see that they don’t like mining and would like to try exploration.

The way the 300k sp is spread across all sorts of basic skills helps newbies.

Veteran players who make a new specialised alt don’t benefit as much from those skills though, as they already know enough about all different playstyles, and they would like to have the 300k SP to go into their choice of skills. They can do that with skill extractors.

In short: having basic skills in all aspects of the game helps you if you are a newbie instead of the alt of someone already familiar with the game.

So they’re basically used to participate in career agent missions then so that we can use the modules and ships each agent gives us at the beginning.
Anyway, that answers my question. Thank you.