Returning Player


I’m back after a super long hiatus. I can’t believe how much this game has changed! They even give it away for free! Crazy! Been finding my space legs for about an hour now. Feels good. :slight_smile:


Aww man this tutorial goes forever! :smile:

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Welcome back. Be sure to run the career agents as well to get a little ISK, a couple of ships, and get a sense of the new mechanics for some of the game.

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I’m looking forward to some FW action again when I get used to this UI again :muscle:

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welcome back!

Everything has changed but I think a lot is still the same, and honestly a lot of ships have gotten better so I think there’s a lot of viable paths that used to not be there.

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Yeah, a lot has changed. I wouldn’t normally recommend the career agents for a returning player since they can be a grind if you know how the game generally works, but depending on how long you’ve been gone, there are a few changes that they help you get familiar with. You’ll also snag a few ships for running them now, so that never hurts.

Have fun!

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