What happened to the new mission system?

No, there must be some reason in your head why you’re supporting a company or product you seem to actively dislike.

I’m curious what that reason is, because it doesn’t make sense.

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Lol, who are you ? Gandhi ?

What you did was to presume things … Including presuming that your judgement is the one and only correct solution…

Have a good day !

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Hope your life gets better.

That attitude tells me it sucks.

Good riddance to you as well.

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You won’t be getting many responses from me, because the best way to deal with trolls is to ignore them.

You were away from the game, and now you’ve returned and are struggling hard to establish your presence on the forums as an obnoxious dickwad with virtually nothing useful to say, but plenty of condescension and sneering to hand out.

As in this case, your comments often don’t even make sense in the context of the post replied to. You’re just looking for random things to ■■■■■ about. “Desperate for attention” is the literal definition of what you’re doing here, so it’s no wonder you project that onto others.

I’m aware that for some types of people, negative attention is better than no attention at all. So I hope having a forum where you can pour out all the frustration and negativity inside is doing some good for you.

It’s certainly not benefitting anyone else.


Agreed. I blocked that poster and now don’t have to wade through its snark and vitriol.


i only log in this character or my other 5 accounts with alphas only to do the SOE arcs… then its logged off until 3 months later

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