Am I confused? I can’t find my journal. I rely on my journal. A goodly bit of our orienting noobs in the Rookie Help Channel involves “look in your journal.”

I see a new icon there; opportunities. I really hope “they” don’t think this thing is sufficient to replace the journal. Improve the journal? Yes! Make the journal more dynamic? Yes! Yes! Tie the journal more solidly into game management? YES! YES! YES! Drop the journal? Are you out of your ever-lovin’ minds?


It’s gone…and will stay in the trashbin


This is a new interface which replaces the old Journal and is intended to be a counterpart to The Agency. Where The Agency is a catalog of content, Opportunities is the presentation of content available now and could be of interest to you."

CCP continues to improve your gaming experience by removing useful items and replacing them with things you never wanted.


type this in a chat window and press enter: /open journal


I’m looking for the journal as well… If it’s gone ( looks like it was replaced with ‘opportunities’ ) can someone tell me how to look at my research agents now? I can’t seem to find any place to see my datacore balances now.


Industry has a Research tab now, should be there.


Thank you! Just verified, indeed there.

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I’am looking for a few things in “new journal”

  1. Agent mission timer to complete mission ( 7 days befeore patch )
  2. Agent mission timer for new mission offer without standing lose to him/corporation ( 4 hours before patch )
  3. Agent mission timer for accepting offered mission ( 7 days before patch ? )

Thank you for any help :slight_smile:

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One more step to Themepark MMO for casual players

First of all, I love all of you good people who helped me find back my research AGENTS, via your posts. Thank you :heart:

Why AGENTS have to be in an INDUSTRY tab you ask ? They probably couldn’t think of any other way and somehow decided not to add AGENTS to that visually monstrous, completely inappropriate and diabolically confusing new piece of interface called Opportunities (a typical management bs bingo card element, they should have focused on Strengths, Weaknesses and Threats, lmao). I’m guessing the name is in line with the Managerial Overtone of Viridian. Very very immersive that is.

After all the complaints in the past few years about their new interface design dealing with wasting screen real estate you would have expected this new interface part to at least have a CONDENSED MODE, you say ?

tenor (18)

Maybe in a year or so, at least soon™-ish, next CSM willing …


Your new reply to rookies in the rookies help channel will be “Open that big ass window that takes up all your screen. I mean, you CAN resize it and use that tiny little arrows to scroll left and right in an erratic way. But you don’t have to if you like full screen windows. Then scroll all way down and look at all these oversized panels that got no clear separation. One of these is what you are looking for. When you click it, the information you were looking for is somewhere in this big window between all those oversized icons, that are only that large for the reason to fill that big window. It would look so empty with two paragraphs of text and half a dozen normal sized icons, right?”.


to that :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

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Not sure if other people use Journal the same way I do. I have quite a few pilots who keep a string of various types of missions open. I’ll log in, hit Alt-J for the journal, and get an efficient list of which missions are open, how long they have until they time out, and which Agent offered them.

Looks like this (thanks to @Sarah_Olson for the tip on using /open journal in chat):

With this I can quickly see which missions might be useful for me today, which ones need to be reset/rerolled, which ones I should finish before the timer runs out. and exactly which Agent I need to click on to Accept, Complete or reset a mission.

Now when I Alt-J, that small, efficient, informative window is replaced by this:

This ungodly abomination takes up about 800% more screen space, shows me only two current missions (unless I expand it to take up the entire screen), and displays no useable information. I only get the name of the mission - no timer, no status, no agent name.

Hopefully someone can update me on this, but in fact with the new window I apparently can’t locate the “expires on date XXXX” anywhere at all. And to find out which agent is offering it, I have to click and scroll and click on each gigantic, useless name box.

This is the sort of utterly brainless, “change for the sake of change only” that CCP has been cranking out for years now. I can only assume that CCP has zero interest in or knowledge of how players actually interact with their game, and so they’re simply spinning their wheels churning out bloated useless junk to justify keeping their names on the payroll.

That’s a bit harsh, even for me, but it’s becoming increasingly difficult to make any sort of sense of the trash “improvements” CCP is making.


This new window is totally absurd. No infos, no overview, just a totally mess.
Please CCP, just add the old link to the journal again in the sidebar, so we can open it with a click.
For now, the /open_journal works fine, but a link-button on the sidebar again would be better.
It cost you NOTHING to just let the old journal in the sourcecode stay forever.
DONT remove it. Make an optional button that can be used by the ones that want to and all are happy.
But dont force us into using this new window.


I agree 100%…

Unfortunately they’ve been doing it for years now, and with no QC inspection or testing done before implementing it in-game…

And this is their big 20 yr expansion… :smirk:


This is the real sad part. A once-in-a-decade event and they burn it by delivering this trainwreck.


The ‘new journal’ opportunities is a big step backward. It takes up a lot of space and shows no useful information like the journal did.


I can’t find this journal anymore.
Now i have to dock each time to see my missions ???!!?

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So far, you can type

/open journal

in any chat window to open the journal.

Hope CCP soon brings back the shortcut for the Neocom. Won’t use this junk Opportunities that is missing all the important info (and showing me a lot i do not want or need aka Homefront, Projects and the missions i already finished) and instead comes with clunky big images and an unusable UI.

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Sure it will be fixed like the bounties, soon

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