R&D agents overview no longer accessible in UI

Viridian saw the replacement of the journal with the opportunities window. However, the R&D agents portion of the journal has not been ported at all, and it is now also gone entirely from the old journal (accessible via /open journal).

This removal is not mentioned anywhere in patch/expansion notes and it means we no longer have an ingame overview over which R&D agents we employed and how much points we’ve got accumulated with each of them.

Is it intentional that we now need to track those ourselves in further Excel sheets, or what’s the plan here?

it’s in the industry tab now under research

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Oh. And there I thought I checked every place that seemed related to UI changes mentioned in patch notes. Except there, where it makes the most sense to be moved to.

Thank you.

It is just a typical case of CCP introducing changes that “reduce cognitive overload, make the UI easier to use and enable a more streamlined experience”. :slight_smile:

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