New The Agency interface is poor. Please return previous interface

New interface of The Agency is poor.

Current interface not informative.
I dont see the map (it need for expedition on enemy or in invantion territory).
And i cannot use Map and The Agency interfaces together in same time because The Agency window too big.

Current interface wasting my time.
I need to 4 click to find expedition.

Current interface is not intuitive.
Many questions from newbies about the agency and expeditions in my corp.

Current interface intrusive.
“Open The Agency on login” checkbox has active as default. It is insane for multi accounts.

Current interface is not adaptive.
The Agency interface has no resize option and does not fit on small size windows. He also blocks other ingame interface windows which is very inconvenient when you are not in the dock (it is unsafe and very bad for critically interface with 4 click to find expedition and warp).

I cannot fast close this inteface when window of game client is small and The Agency block most of ingame windows:

Please return previous interface of The Agency.

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The Agency window is definitely poor. It is slow and you have to hunt around too much looking for things when you are in a hurry. By default it is open, and it is annoying to have to close it the 1st thing you do. Hey CCP, how about we go back to the old agent finder and the Journal. It was quick and worked fine.

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Ideally the Agency window should be scalable and stackable. The full screen window is obviously not intended to be used while undocked!


i disagree yes it is a bit big and you should be able to change the size, but otherwise i like it much better than the old version.

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