The Agency

I cant find a way to flatten the Map in the agency this needs to be added. it is confusing like it is right now.

Also employ someone with advertising skills when it comes to setting out information in the agency use true type fonts so it s clear (add a way to increase text size for it (independent of the overall text size in settings) putting stuff in the background makes it harder to see, and also who’s stupid idea was it to put red writing on a red background all this need to be addressed. these are simple yet fundamental things when laying out information, how it got screwed up I cant imagine.

I dont go to the map / The agency section and expect it to look pretty, I go there for information only, I like my space ship to look cool explosions in space to look cool, dont give a rats about the map looking all sexy just want it to relay the information to me quickly so I can understand it 3d maps are confusing , I would like to see the map functional and easy to read but right now its not.
I have to use a third party map in a browser window on another screen, I should not have to do this.

I’m starting to think that the era of CCP being able to rely on the players doing their job for them ought to come to an end. If I were a 3rd party dev, I’d be so discouraged at CCP’s inability to give half a rats ass that I might just shut it all down. I don’t think CCP deserves 3rd party devs any more if they can’t bother to do a half decent job at it themselves.


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