Integration of Agency Elements into Map

Hello friends, family and foes.

I have witnessed many new great features come and go. We had the Web Browser which many used including me but was later removed due to what i can fathom might have been a security related matter however - we have seen a new element replace an old one which we all know and love (and hate) - the map. It has been in beta for quite some time now according to the Settings parameter which enables it however nothing new or extraordinary has been developed pertaining the map itself - no new elements or features which was not already visible via the old map - sure the ability to view things in the glory of our simulated three dimension is visually stunning for those whom might have an interest in visual “appealance” but where do we draw the line?

I propagate the idea where and when something only contributes to the appearances then - it has no actual worth because it does not perform better nor does it increase productivity. We have seen a plethora of new UI elements being added with new windows and panels taking up valuable space in which might seem to be an attempt to increase selection of content by increasing work effort.

So - might i suggest that we integrate some of the Agency elements into the new map? Such as Ice Belts - make them visible via the map, same with escalation/exploration sites… Why do we have two different Fleet Finder windows? Whats the reasoning behind this shattered and dispersed UI Element mechanics? Do we have a plan to instead of adding new things - perhaps modify the existing to the better?

I am well aware that some people dislike change however - if we are going to have something like the “Pointer Window” fully working - then there needs to be some form of standardisation regarding how someone interacts with the UI in the game - such as the visual aesthetics or certain window mechanics - the new character window is one of those windows that really fails to fit in with the rest of the UI together with the Agency window.

I hope that raised some valid concerns of mine with this thread and i hope to shed some light on the issue as i strongly believe it will benefit us all in the long run.

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This doesn’t sound like a bad idea.

I kind of wish that the in-game map was more like Dotlan. It may not be as purdy and fancy, but it’s really good for conveying spatial and other information (like stations, sec status, incursions). It’s hard for me to say what exactly dotlan does right, but I do know that it makes it a lot easier to understand and remember the layout of a region. Well, at least for me. I wonder if other people feel the same way.

There’s likely been many different devs, with different design sensibilities, that have worked on the U.I. over the years. So, unless they decided to sit down and do a complete overhaul, I doubt we’ll see any sort of consistency.

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