Agency intergrated into Map

The Agency overhaul was pretty sweet Looking
I want it integrated to the Map
what do you think about it?

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Not before they fix this abomination of a map. And judging by the results so far for redoing/fixing the map, CCP is not capable of doing that.

Seriously Who doesn’t want Map to Look like this

but damn it they will not stop trying, and god help any feature or UI element that gets in their way. they are on a crusade and they will not stop until they have a map at least half as functional as the original.

I do not. Way too much wasted space and useless information for a map. It’s fine I guess in a content finder, I guess.

I’d say just keep the map and the agency as they are, some people including myself will only want the map for seeing places and stuff, the Agency is used to find PvE content and to guide you there.

Well Content Finder in map would be Very helpfull

There’s no problem adding these into the map. Much like any window, I’m sure you’d be able to untether them and set them up anywhere. People lose their minds when you change UI’s, just take a look at how rational adults react when Facebook changes its layout slightly. Who cares? More map features the better as far as I’m concerned.

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Considering how big the Agency part in the Agency window is, I very much doubt that you could just “untether” it from the map like the probe window.

And so far any changes to the map have not improved any feature of the map. In contrast, any attempt to change it have made it worse.

I wholeheartedly disagree. Especially coming from a time where you only had 5 or so colour filters for your map, it’s steadily been becoming a very handy intelligence tool. There’s nothing to say these, or any other content finder couldn’t be added as well.

Where do you only have 5 color filters in the old map? I can filter to dozens of different data sets. And more importantly, the old map allows the display of 2 data sets at once, which the new map cannot.

I’m talking pre-Incarna. Listen dude, I’ve read your other posts and I get that you love to shoot down any idea because you individually seem to hate every feature from the past four years, but OP has a good point on this one and I’m not hearing many arguments against adding more to the map other than ‘GRRRR I SURE DONT LIKE THAT MAP.’ Is there any real reason you can come up with NOT to add content finders to the current map?

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Oh sure. Pre-Incarna. I joined with Incursion and even then the map had the same filters as it has today (sans those new things like industry, which got added way later). Good idea to use facts from a long gone era to support your argument against the current map. :thinking:

Sure, it’s not going to fit into the map in its current state. Too clunky, too much wasted space. Adding it as sidebar to the map like probe/dscan window would mean a data condensation that does not work in a sidebar. It would also mean that the already unusable controls for filters would become even less usable because even more clutter added. Furthermore, adding this to the map would also get in the way of the actual map features: Unless you could completely turn Agency info off (which I doubt will be possible because CCP is not even capable of turning off bookmarks properly, unlike the old map), their fancy big symbols would occlude or hide other data indicators that are more important on the map.

Mhh, what else?

Your incursion window, agent finder, fleet window, journal, people and places, and scanning windows could border my map and I’d still be able to use the map, or close / reopen any other window I like. Like the current probe scanning window, with the ability to tether or untether parts of the window into your map, there is absolutely the space and a use for this change. Come on man.

All of the elements that you mentioned have no dynamic parts like the Agency window has, with which I mean the dynamically appearing/disappearing info section under the map. Adding a list with filters (agent finder), a list of incursion constellations or contacts with filters is one thing. Adding a dynamically changing elements with dynamic heights and contents to such a sidebar, which then would dynamically hide/reveal things you click on is not very convenient.

However, as said in one of the feedback threads, I am very much in favor of adding all these things into the agency window so that you have all PVE related activities and indicators one place. A dedicated window for PVE without overburdening the map.

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