Why does the agency window have to be so massive?

First of all: I’m not raging, threatening to quit or any similar behaviour that seems to be so prevalent on these forums. I’m simply asking a question.

The Agency window is massive and can’t be resized, if you use it it pretty much makes any other action or window impossible meaning it can’t really be used for extra information and every time you (have to) use it it pulls you out of the game, in a way. I’m sure that if you have a 4K screen or perhaps more than one screen it’s fine but on a normal 1080p screen it’s an immersion breaking eye sore and anyone playing on a laptop that has some weird resolution probably has it even worse.

It’s not like it’s packed with information either, lots of it is blank empty space for… whatever reason the Devs came up with but I just don’t see it. Why can’t it have a “text only” option just like in chat where you can choose between character portraits or not? Why can’t it be resized?

Unless I miss something, being fairly new, it seems like a point for improvement.


compact mode would be nice, like they did with planetary interaction, first introduced big planet images, that then were scaled back for compact mode.

With few openings, we already know where is what so not really so big amount of info is needed or images so big, so at least could be scaled into 1/3 of current size, I think.


I’ve not done PI yet (my 3 character slots and filled and used) so I don’t really know the impact of that change but if that has a compact mode then surely that created a precedent to also do this for the Agency window.

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The reason why it’s so big and can’t be toggled into a compact mode = the Dev team who created it decided they know best of how it should be displayed in the game.

Which actually means they don’t know the game.


I sort of like the size of that as the large pictures for different types of content to run, it’s big bold and better than anything before.

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It’s one-stop-shopping for where to go next, in multiple categories. Its not something to open while in the middle of heavy action. My interactions start during a quiet moment while wondering what to do, so it can be big and bold with large icons to help define categories of info. Then, “set destination” - close window.

Cosmic Signature finder still feels like cheating.

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Yeah, I agree. Same with the automatic Discovery Scanner sweep that shows exploration site icons on-screen after entering a system.

Exploration has been made super easy for instant gratification

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I actually use it to gain intel on locations of Incursions, Invasions, Emerging Conduits and Pirate Strongholds (FOB’s). I’m not looking to engage in that content, just which systems to avoid… :wink:

i never open the agency
is one of those “new” things that i didn’t got used to
nothing against it i guess

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