The Only Way to Win in Eve Online 👣

He’s fighting it.

Will he be back sometime?

Maybe yes. Maybe no.

It also depends on how you’re telling it and not only what.

Did you then see what the OP posted? It was littered with caps. OP then managed to create this thread. This tells me nothing happened, but OP wants something to happen, and in his short-sighted anger did he happen to quit his subscription.

Honestly, nothing of importance happened here.

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The words are English and the spelling is correct, but the way you put them together is a mess. I have no idea what you are trying to say.

The OP launched idiotic threads that were closed and tried to reopen those. He’s a spoiled brat that has stopped breathing because no one took him seriously.

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To be honest, the EVE forum could do with less sh*tposters like him. The toxic attitude together with a whiny sense of entitlement that many posters display have made the forums a boorish place.


Didn’t your mom tell you never to speak ill of the dead?

You’re going to hell, kid.

Why don’t you then ask?

Oh, God! Not another Whitehound. One’s enough.

Don’t ask and stay dumb.

The only hell in EVE is the toxic group of anti-ganking. And if I ever went there it would be to dump a load of pitch on the fire.

You incarnate the resistance to oppression, a brave individual fighting the heartless corporate machine for the good of the people. Bravo.


Interesting. :popcorn:


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Stuff. I want it.

Please be sure to biomass on your way out of the door.

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Some things never change - well, at least for the ten years I’ve been here. The Eve forums wouldn’t be the same if the ‘I quit’ threads stopped flowing in.


I thought he was still smoking.

Yeah you really shouldn’t biomass … that’s my 0.02 ISK

Just before you go, have you tried this?



^^ MRW I pop a cap into the Ferrari.

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I would say its the perfect solution. Not the biomassing, just uninstalling the game like in good old times. To free up space for Star Citizen or something better. :wink: