Why I quit AG and why you should too

I post the following with peace and mean no ill intentions, so read accordingly. This isn’t intended as an attack on anyone but rather share my own personal experience on why I’m leaving Anti-Ganking (AG) and for the consideration of others.

After becoming disillusioned with AG, not just because the content has become stale, but notably the attitude(s) of the AG player base and Gank ‘Victims’ that has led me to the decision to leave this player group and denounce previous association.

I’ve witnessed insults, vulgarity and derogatory comments but apparent (and IMO) that this is one direction i.e., AG or ‘Victim’ towards the Ganker. Maybe there are examples of abuse in the opposite direction, but I haven’t seen many instances that I can recollect. Few examples of my experience whilst an AG player:

  1. Received comments from Gank Victims, one even calling me pathetic for killing his Ganker on behalf of AG which was odd to say the least - maybe that individual is correct.

  2. Previously threatened to be hunted (in-game) by an AG player who used to be a fairly prominent figure because unbeknown to me I was doing something that evidently annoyed them. Don’t mind the threat but it was the sudden change in attitude which surprised me more than anything else - is this indicative of the player base in general?

  3. AG players that loot from wrecks when it was abundantly clear it was mine or someone else’s kill (this happens a lot) - I wont name names but these are usually the bottom feeders that sit off gate watching you get your kill with the bottom feeder sweeping in to collect the loot (and no offer to share). Ok maybe they don’t need to share, but being part of the AG collective, you’d imagine (rightly or wrongly) some code of conduct. I would’ve said keep it if asked, but it’s the principal. Maybe I expect too much and no honour among thieves.

So why carry on with AG? Apparent that AG provides a service free of charge to a player base who takes it for granted or remain completely oblivious. Gank ‘Victims’ are some of the games wealthiest players and will haul expensive goods or fit out extremely expensive ships. Let’s face it, if they couldn’t afford to lose it they wouldn’t take unnecessary risks. For the newer player come Victim, they earn a valuable lesson early in their eve career. Lose a cheap ship now, such as a Venture, before losing something extremely valuable at a later date. Often, these Victims are invited into a channel which will explain what happened and here’s what to do to avoid future losses.

For the players that lose their ship and become abusive. This loss is entirely avoidable. It is sheer laziness not to take mitigating actions to avoid becoming a target. All of the tools are there at your disposal, such as; intel channels, utilising alts, request assistance from corp or alliance members, scouting ahead, use your contacts list, watch local, keep aligned, watch d-scan, don’t use autopilot… the list goes on. So when you have been ganked that’s on you - don’t blame others for your own incompetence. As an aside, there’s never an excuse for abuse. It is still pixels last time I checked.

I’ll obviously remain cordial and respectful towards AG but for those that are on the fence; I recommend that you find content and a player base that will leave you fulfilled and appreciated.

For the Gankers I have interacted with in the past, I think it is these interactions that have swayed my opinion. Often with the GFs in local or offering up advice - sounds insignificant but for me made the difference.


I can confirm that my Why Was I Ganked? channel is a free service and a valuable public resource available to the entire community.


Only reply could I possibly have for your thread here is to say that it was very well written.

I do have a couple of questions if I could ask you something and by all means you don’t need to answer if you feel in anyway it goes against your future change in New Eden.

  1. Why mostly Jita?
  2. Why shoot [Aaaarrgg]?
  3. Why are you killing pods?
  4. Why did you not lose a ship?
    & 5. What does AG stand for?
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I don’t mind answering a few questions and no, it wont have any bearing on my future change (but thanks for the consideration).

  1. Based in Jita towards the end of my AG activity - most of my accounts at one stage or another operated out of Uedama and Sivala.
  2. Yes poor Aaaarrgg, I actually stopped tackling him in the end so it would give him a chance to warp off and complete his pod kill. I did however shoot off one volley but not enough to kill. When Aaaarrgg died during his gank I would end up with the Kill Mail (KM) by default (being the last person that shot him). Just cheap KM’s to be honest.
  3. As above, cheap KM’s
  4. I have lost ships to ganks on other characters, I’ve just been lucky enough to evade dying on Aquablue.
  5. AG = Anti-Ganking

If you ever have any other questions feel free to ask o/

What is AG?

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AG = Anti-Ganking

I’ve amended my post - took it for granted that most would know of the abbreviation.


Thanks! I’m a bit removed from the game so all that lexicon :face_with_spiral_eyes: It’s coming back to me now.

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I wish you well and hope you find new adventure .


I read your post and remembered that I had been shot at multiple times while doing AG by other so called AG, who in reality were just to shoot whoever they could and grab anything that they could. I had a contact asking me why was I attacking their freighter when I was trying to save it, and I have lost count of the number of people who have scooped the loot from ships I had blown up.

Odd thing is that all the hate I see comes from gankers, I keep being told that I am mentally ill on the forums. And in Anti-Ganking chat channel someone just linked a very nasty comment from a ganker against an AG player for talking about a Ganker Nemesis that they caught and blew up with instra lock ceptors.

You should keep that slutty little mouth of yours shut or else someone might stitch it up for you.

And you should see the level of insults we get for moderating the AG chat channels. A simple please can you chat in the AG chat channel as this is intel will get all manner of nastiness and ignorance.

Anyway, I am aware that there are some bad eggs around, but anyone can start shooting gankers and call themselves AG.

Anyway thanks for having a go, and Aaaaargh is fun to shoot.


Let me also explain that AG is not some tightly controlled alliance but a very loose and diverse group of people many of who operate in their own groups, New Eden Police force is one that is active and is well run, while the group I am with now Astral is no longer that active in AG barring the odd person but Astral still maintains the Gank-Intel and the AG chat channel and has a code of conduct.

For my own part, most of the time I was doing AG related activity it was not in any organised way, I turned up and did stuff, joined fleets and even ran a few fleets myself. It was only later that I joined Astral, amusingly there was some resistance to me joining Astral because I was active on the forums and upset gankers by offering an alternative view, the leader of Astral thought that I was too much of a polarising figure because I debated on the forums. That is how tight Astral is on their code of conduct, to be honest I was a little offended that merely debating on the forums would make me a bad egg?

But the gankers have accused me of all manner of things, and that is true nastiness.


Yes most people are babies.


AGs are generally just the worst people. I’ve told many stories of sitting in carebear groups and observing a non-stop stream of vitriol directed toward players who interfere with their grind, and AGs seem to be composed of the worst of the worst of those toxic individuals; the really hard-line extremists who have no issues with using the worst types of homophobic/sexist/racist insults to denigrate their opponents. And the few who don’t engage in this sort of behavior directly also don’t condemn or moderate it in any way, because having a couple of ideological allies is more important to them than maintaining a high ethical/moral standard in their community.


I’ve tried my hand at AG as well. And to be honest, the sheer abuse I got from the ganked victims themselves was such a turnoff I decided to stop doing it. It was absolutely insane. Here I am trying to help, and all they did was rage, yell, fling obscenities at me, and on top of it I asked for some isk to help offset the cost (all donation driven). You would have thought I was trying to sell them a mining permit!

I figured, if I was going to be treated like trash, I might as well give them a legitimate reason. So I went into ganking

I don’t have very good things to say about the general highsec carebear attitude.


I congratulate you on a sensible life decision. You should try ganking!


Good for you that you got out.
I agree, antiganking is generally trying to protect wealthy people who get into bad situations because of their own lazyness, and then get toxic. On top, you usually fail, or don’t have a big impact.
I started eve in a mining corp, I know what the carebear side looks like. And pretty much all ganks I’ve seen from the miners side and the gankers side could have been avoided by the miners. You keep telling them what to do, how to avoid it, and yet they keep getting killed, it was frustrating. So one day I realized it’s a lost war, might as well be on the right side, and try to teach the miners by killing them, instead of just telling them.
If they refuse to learn, might as well get a killmail and maybe some isk out of it.
Now, I won’t deny there are toxic gankers, but we do our best to stay friendly.
So, enjoy whatever you choose to do now, and fly dangerously o7


Don’t you start Mister, I said that I had wanted to ask a couple of questions and it was thrown in there as a “What you just said…!” Response.

Trust me it takes skill to see through the fog of war!

/truth be told someone really needs to update urbandictionary . com/define.php?term=ag on that term asap.


Can say from the ganking prespective - you can kill only an idiot.
Yeah, sometimes you run into a responsive lads who can learn from mistakes made and will actualy listen to your advise, but most of the time it’s elitism or straight toxic (once i poped a 200m indi and a (korean?) pilot was spamming me in local for 30 min straight how my parents have died). As far as i can tell, those are ppl who start an AG career, witch is ganking other gankers for reasons beyond my understanding (green zkb? r u serious?). Even so, being misscalled an AG by my fellow gankers was realy heartbreaking and that’s saying something.

Ending on a higher note - i always become proud of ppl when, after i killed them, they start to use better fitted ships/DSTs/etc. Way to go lads!


I can’t access that channel. Do you think you could have someone look into it please…


You’re not worthy

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Maybe Apo, but fear of failure and letting down the ganking community is what makes me hesitant :roll_eyes:

I think failure is something that they’re only too used to :stuck_out_tongue: