Why I quit AG and why you should too

Nice! Good to see you moving forward Aquablue and you are still the hottest character in EVE as I always stated to you! :slight_smile:

You know me for years and I even showed you one of my ganking alts from npc corps, you are very close to me ideologically now.

All the things you just said are exactly what I have been saying to you and others all these years, you a very nice, polite and educated guy, very above the average of our everyday EVE player, you just needed to disentangle game mechanics from world morality. Game mechanics and wordly morality have to be completely separated for the sake of the enjoyment of the game and for not being fooled by others!

Obivously you didn’t change your direction because of me, but you know my opinions about all those and I will quote the parts I have been parroting over and over to many people:

Apparent that AG provides a service free of charge to a player base who takes it for granted or remain completely oblivious. Gank ‘Victims’ are some of the games wealthiest players and will haul expensive goods or fit out extremely expensive ships.

For the players that lose their ship and become abusive. This loss is entirely avoidable. It is sheer laziness not to take mitigating actions to avoid becoming a target.

Yes! There is a chunk of the player base who are just farmining and mining for years in null and low sec and so self entitled to own EVE and the entire EVE experience should be as they want. They do a bit of PVP obviously but they will enforce their way of playing EVE on everybody else.

There is a known carrier ratter who calls me a thief and extortionist on every stream, over and over, and I am not even in Safety!
People don’t understand that the only items that belong to you are only the items in the personal hangar and all the items on space have no owner!!
Nothing that is on space is yours, any item can go from one hand to other in seconds and seconds later could be in other hands.

When my alts are flying in null and null secs those are the same people who were all gate camping and trying to ambushing me with their little buddies, they are the same people autopiloting all their garbage through high sec and they want slaves to protect them.

I saw one streamer last month starting in EVE and when he was streaming a guy in a T1 only cargo fitted (no mid slots or rigs) got killed by Blackflag at the Jita Perimeter gate, then I was teaching the newbro how to steal and he stole the cargo expanders in the wreck. The newbro emailed the victim asking if he wanted his cargo epanders back… the victim said yes. Do you know who is the victim? It’s a null sec guy who is playing for YEARS! Then the newbro who is a true newbro, contracted back the cargo expanders for 0 ISK. I had to teach him a few things about EVE…

Why even help those people? They will kill all my ships around “their” regions. They should all die.

But Aquablue, if you ever put a good solid antiganking idea, for serious business, then it’s all good!
You just need the right people, people who ramsom the system for a bilion a day, people who gank the gankers at gate, people who ninja loot all wrecks and split the loot correctly, people who pay for protection and solid logi work, people who sell ganking permits monthly and so on.

If antiganking was stripped off all the world morality and received a good injection of game mechanics, thenit is great great content and ISK worth.

You have to take other’s people ISK and other’s people stuff have to be destroyed, otherwise you are losing in EVE.

Just don’t do that gate sitting because those miners don’t even deserve you.
Almost every person who gets saved thanked the antiganker by flying away without saying thank you and then putting even more ISK in their pockets because they lived.
That’s how they thank people, by putting even more ISK in their own pockets.


That’s the truth.

You never see antigankers trying to help newbros in starter systems. The antiganking community is purely focused on defending AFK nullsec freighter alts.


I beg to differ… as a direct result of activity by NEPF, the littering of rookie systems by mobile depots was stopped.

How does shooting a mobile depot help a new player?

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Seems like AG was infiltrated recently by the looks of this thread. Ganker loot is mostly trash, and you’re expected to hold firmly the tenets of the corp, e.g. kill gankers, hard to grasp huh?

I invited you a few times, don’t you worry, we can do our own thing away from everybody else’s eyes!
No one will know! :eyes:

The Balance had been upset and what you are describing is the ripple effect being felt all across Highsec New Eden.

This is not yet the full effect of the explosion that took place back in April


Just read and listen to the various thread comments and try to feel the tone of the Capsulleers.

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Much truth in this topic.

I am around in Uedama/Sivala sometimes and try some stuff out of curiosity, but the whole “Anti-Ganking” thingy is basically non-existing from my perspective.

In space there is Thotamon in his Osprey around regulary and some dudes in Frigs who do not change the outcome of a gank a bit. They are basically just whoring killmails and stealing loot 99% of the time.

In the Chats are like 200 or 300 people of which 3 contribute useful information and maybe (!) one is in a spaceship in space actually ready and willing to do anything.

So, I am not sure where this “AntiGanking” takes place, but in my timezone and in the usual ganking places there is no sign of it happening at a scale that would matter even remotely.


Sorry but while I did that myself in past (wanted to get 1k of them in stats), it is actually detrimental to new players imo. It is how I found my own first corp myself and I think it is good concept. By destroying those depots you are lowering the chance that the newbro gets into good corp for newbies where he learns the game.

I never see these ‘antigankers’ in the rookie systems protecting new players, nor do I see them in belts. I never see the antigankers running a public mining fleet, with a security team to keep miners safe.

Their sole focus is protecting nullsec freighter alts.

Gankers help new players more than these people do.


Yeah. 99% of so called AG are just kill mail whores. Which is really the lowest form of pvp (is it even pvp?) and it is pathetic. They don’t care about stopping the gank, they just want to tag you with some module to get the kill.

If gankers are ganking unarmed ships in highsec because they are cowards and noobs who can’t do real pvp, then what are anti´-gankers whoring on their ships that are already halfway to be destroyed by CONCORD?

I don’t say that true AG doesn’t exists. When I see Knowledgeminer in local for example I run as fast as I can and try to gank elsewhere. But there are only few of them.

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This can happen for sure , mainly from distrust after being ganked and dragged off to a channel to have the piss taken out of them, I for one and my corp have been given billions in the past , stopped many ganks and been a pain for many gankers.

I for one and most of my corp dont do it for profit or isk and really don’t care who we save , just like gankers dont really care who they kill, often killing there own ( just look at aiko blog for this)

If your Prime motivation is for gratitude and thanks then you’re doing it wrong, it’s about picking a side Law and Order vs mayhem and Chaos.

I like how gankers jump on this thread and say some stupid things, just to answer Aiko although she knows the truth, gankers cant gank in rookie sys so why be there , we often do belt protection but when we do ganker never slow up , we once ran a public fleet in a ganker hot spot we mined they fail ganked and we laughed , we now run Abyss protection and guess what no gankers show.

We don’t call ourselves AG thats a name gankers give to people who don’t find it funny to be ganked being dragged into to a channel, often being baited into being toxic. But if you want to call some of what we do AG that fine but this is eve and what ever you do it works best as a group , this is an MMO after all .

Doing AG on your own for many will not be fun long term but finding a group that has similar goals is the key to long term success in anything in EVE.

I have saved many freighters in my time , i have disrupted gank fleets in flight, killed loot freighters , used kr to destroy tornado camps , saved one or too miners from a gank at a belt ( often this is impossible once they know we are there, when they just move on, we have saved more miners by blocking a gank fleet from an area or pulling them out of fleets as they drop gate cloak, the miners oblivious to the battle that went on often several jumps away to save them)

Eve is a big place , many things happen you never see, time zones play a big part in this, now Aiko seems to be in her time zone , maybe due to real who knows but i see her very little compared to before. But that doesn’t mean we are both not doing our thing.

So to summarise in our corp we fight criminals of all types, we fight because they break the law :rotating_light:. Ive never understood why gankers are so anti that

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Before we cleared starter system it was a massive mess on undock , most adds from groups like fraternity who support high sec ganking , its just part of the battle

Speaking of Thotamon, there is also Codename on this kill too, both are in Astral by the way.

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What a hero!

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So what do i call you if you kill anyone

Yes they can. Nothing stops ganking in rookie systems.

Attempting to abuse a new players lack of knowledge of the game and its mechanic for personal gain or simply for their harm is prohibited in these solar systems, however that doesn’t prevent ganking at all.

For example, this recent gank has nothing wrong with it, in a starter system:

If you check a couple of pages of Cistuvaert on zkillboard, you’ll see quite a bit of CONCORD activity. Seems like a definite opportunity for anti-gankers.

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I think I speak for everyone when I say we all hope you get over this misplaced notion of morality and ethics in a video game. You aren’t actual police. You aren’t the good guys. Like, just go out and gank some poor innocent miners, and laugh at them. You’ll feel bad about it, at first, and then you’ll realize that you are finally playing the game.

That is all the proof anyone needs that antiganking is a total waste of time. It’s not even fun. You guys aren’t enjoying yourselves. It must be depressing to realize that you are running around trying to ‘save’ AFK players who literally don’t care.

It must be truly boring to sit there doing nothing, waiting for nothing, protecting someone who has more isk, and they are just laughing at you for sitting there to ‘protect’ them in a zone where they are already protected by NPCs.

It’s honestly sad that you are still defending toxic behaviour.


If this were a game of Monopoly, what you are doing is the equivalent of extending loans and charity to the other players, forgiving debts, paying their rent, and even helping them build houses. That’s just not what the game is about, and no wonder you aren’t having fun. Meanwhile, I’m having fun, that’s for sure.


It is amusing to see the amount of effort Aiko(s) is putting in to tell you that you are playing Eve wrong, when it is a sandbox. We all know the issues with AG however there are some like you, Thotamon and Codename that do it no matter what.

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It is amusing to see the amount of effort Dracvlad(s) is putting in to tell you that you are playing Eve right, when he isn’t willing to log in or do anything himself. We all know the issues with ag, he even says antiganking is dead. He just tries to scam you into doing it for him, but he isn’t going to do it himself.