Personal stations. but for PI

hear me out. im thinking something small attached to you not the corp. the idea being its a small place, maybe that could be placed around a planet, for pi. you could dock, but only one or two ships. storage about a quarter the size of a freighter. and you could perform PI on board, e.g. tier 2 and above. it would require fuel, possible like an old POS, making it racial types structors. and they arent affected by war decking. maybe even limited berth size or something. but still concordable if you gang and run.

tthe idea is for the single player to be able to build something and not have it torn away by a wardec. but not big enough it can screwup gameplay.

so what dose everyone think, espically more solo artists, and what other ideas do you have along the same lines, e.g. changes, balences, etc


its already existing … called POCO ( Player Owned Custom Office )

its already existing ! called citadell … playe one and you can dock :wink:

why do a solo player need such a structure where he can ern his PI in 100% safety ?
btw … its almost 100% safe to collect your PI stuff ! if you dont know then maybe ask your corp or in help chat !

we dont need more safe space in this game ! we need less …

This idea would drive a particular POCO owner mad.

And for that reason alone I SUPPORT THIS!


a poco cant be just placed, it had to be destroyed and then placed for the 5 minutes untill the allience rools back through, screwing over the solos and monopolising PI.
a citadel isint for solos, its for alliences. thats not this idea, your saying why have an assault frigate when drednaughts exist.
why not be safe in high sec when he is already safe as you say, low sec and null are different stories.
The point is 2 fold, first something fun for the solos, as ccP seems to forget we exist, and second is more shineyness for peoples , but mainly in highsec as something more interesting. more people doing PI or high sec mining drops the prices of those materials, and in return lowers the prices of ships. In my view the main reason priced creeps up was because people where squeesed out. first by code and the gank heavy highsec hubs and stupid mechanics like gankers being flaged but sitting in a upwell forcefield to hide from concord, and then just because it got boring with manufacturing being ore complicated, but nothing interesting around the mining side. I do a bit of everything, i switch between activities regurarly, so i thought this could be a wee idea to spruce up dsome of the duller areas.


i hadent even though of that! what a bonus!

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oO Oo
where is your point ? it still need to be placed by your corp / alliance or you will have taxes you cant pay !

exactly what ive said … solo player dont need to have their own structures !

i just said we have everything we need for PI ! we dont need an extra station just to dock our ships at this PI station so we cant get killed … if you play correct you cant get killed either …

HS is no safe place ! you can only be safe if you pay attention ! dont have more stuff to be safe … and why the hell we need a station in HS where only 2 ppl can dock to do PI ? xD then i would block whole systems only because i dock my alts until the cap is reached → a station cap of docked player sounds like a very stupid idea !
you can be also about 100% safe in low / null and wh space if you know the mechanics … where do i know ? because ive lived in all of these spaces xD and have crabbed hundrets of billion isk in all spaces without getting killed !

at first … why do you only have fun if you are docked ? or have the ability to dock oO sounds extremly wierd … fun is outside of space and its not fun to dock on a station because i can do 100% safe PI ! thats just called L A Z Y N E S S !
second … this stations cant be shiney ! medium citadells cost about 800m or cheaper ! thats not shiney … and your station need to be way less expensive because its for “solo” players !
btw … a station on a planet to collect your PI isnt for solo play … PI is for everyone ! still in a wormhole you can create your PI if its an “enemy” wh …

ah now we see where it cames from xD youre a heavy antiganker … you dont understand that ganking ist a problem and you dont understand ganking mechanics ! why i know ? → you think gankers sitting in thether to avoid concord … nobody can avoid concord xD and as you said “stupid mechanics” everybody knows you dont understand how ganking works … :wink:

and you think your idea will improve anything ? oO no … it just will result in spamm of such structures and as you said you need to fuel every structure and with the fuel cost you dont get any rewards from your PI ! you need to pay more then you can earn until you have X accounts … but then its not solo play anymore xD

your idea is ■■■■ from bottom to the top … i know its hard to see such critism about your own idea but the truth is the truth !

Is this for pi manufacturing?

In general I’m in favor of more in space assets. So assuming this is balanced in respect to the other systems involved, then yeah, I’d toss my support behind it.

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i know you dont understant what im saying but no need for name calling or rudeness. first there is no 'need ’ for anything, and as i said this ising a corp thing, it would belong to the individual only so you could place one in a starter corp if you wanted, no taxes just fuel, this is a shinney that could make more interesting stuff.

second i said 2 spaces for ships, not 2 players. e.g. you take your fast ship there, then do your pi hauling, and swap back. Yes we have everything we needed for pi, and we had every ship we needed in 2005 when i started, that dosent mean a new thing ising fun.

You where the one that said “its almost 100% safe to collect your PI stuff”, i was quoting you.
As for ganking, i told you the mechanic that was being abused for a while a few years back, is seems you are the one that dosent understand it. And most of that is gone now. anyway. im not antigank, but i was against those exploits.

your adding steps, and talking about other accounts. thats up to the player.

personally i ran 3 pos’s for most of my first decade in eve, maiinly as a solo. because there was a small advantage to it. but mainly cause it was fun. the small advantage here would be 2 fold, 1 breaking the monopolies that the aliences have on the PI tax, and 2 more storage space for your PI, so you could run a month without going out to it, just log in, do your pi, send it to the base, and carry on with your day. once a month or to go and collect, exact the same as research agents.

but above all, its a shiney thing to play with, why are you so against another toy?


i was thinking Pi as a start, obviously you dont want to over balence it. and thats the way i though you could keep it low key, not server heavy and no real advantages over other players with it. Basically i miss my Pos :stuck_out_tongue: Maybe skill linked so you could only have a max of 5 of them. and no more than one in a system.

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Right… but for manufacturing? The actual farming - like those mission assets that have the farms growing in space? To serve as a private poco? What is the intended purpose other than to serve as a private warehouse?

This makes me think you’re referring to the manufacture of higher tier pi products, so all of your planets could be used for production of raw materials.

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you want more stations to dock … why ? nobody needs this ! if you want to dock then setup a citadell ! if its only for PI then youre idea is very stupid !

so you want to ignore all POCO taxes ? xD … nice … more stupidity in your idea !

your new stuff does not improve anything ! you just want your personal 100% safe space … !

yes it is almost 100% safe … and you want to have MORE saftey ! youre lazy … nothing more ! stupid idea from a lazy person for his selfish preferences …

why should you be able to avoid taxes from a group they setup the POCO ? … like i said … lazy dude with selfish ideas !

more lazyness … nothing more …

solo player never need any place where he can be 100% safe ! it will result in massive server spam and this is bad for this game … i know youre not smart enough to understand such “problem” but your idea is ■■■■ on so many levels …

so rude


I think the idea has some merit to it.
As it currently stands, if you erect a PI customs office, it will open up the whole corp for a wardec (afaik).
Would be nice to have a customs office that is really only privately owned (by the player) and doesn’t immediately allow all hell to break loose. I mean… similar to a mobile depot in function. It would do nothing else than grab the resources from the planet, but also doesn’t enable your corp to be wardecced.
A “mobile” customs office, if you so will. I’d like that.

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if you just want to be abusivve i have no interest in interacing with you.


my idea was i wated a private place firstly, because as i mentioned i loved my pos, even before it was profitable i loved it. then i thought it could work as a PI place, so you had the choice of mining pi materials on planet but then moving them to orbit for higher tier processing. but NOT taking away the mechanic planet side! jsut an alternate path. Other ideas down this line could be manufacture of modules or small scale reactions. say for instance less efficiant in the base, but a solo looking to make something for them selves could do it small scale. say you want to make one BS, and want to make the extra partes they added a few years back i only just found out about.


in my head making it a personal asset means you can have it and it dosent screw with the corp or vice versa, e.g. you fall out with the corp or just leave, they dont get to steal the PoS from under you because its shared ownership.

Im looking at it as more of a personal thing geared around the solo experience beucae basically eveyone i know that did that has left eve. your choices for solo stuff are basically the same highsec stuff thats existed for a decade, or insanly dangerious. and while i like things like that, i also think more carebear ideas would prop the econemy back up and bring more players back, both are good things.

The customs offices are the best example of how eve is geared to the largest player groups but ignores the small groups and solos for the most part. A well run tax office, would still be cheaper, in this idea, bbut you could pay more for your own place, to make things more streamlined. Lets be honest, PI has always felt like an unfinished idea…

How can other players destroy your little private station in HighSec and come out with a profit if you cannot protect it?

Very good idea. :+1:


I like the idea of temporarily anchoring a space outpost and run some operations while docked.

Said outpost would need hull reinforcements and fuel :fuelpump: . Might even have a workshop to repair your ship and apply skins… A market module wouldn’t hurt either. Like a space 7/11 ?


the point is for them not to be destroyable, or at least hard to. large armour (balenced with cost), can only be attacked if your corp is at war, but do not count towards the structures that make the corp succeptable to war decs. and maybe a redonculious standing hit to people that do attack them, not like ganking, think more liek you can kill them with a few bs’s but then you hit negative standings all the way and cant re enter high sec until you fix that. Im not sure about this part though, i dont exactly like that idea, i just think it would be better if they are very difficult to gank if not impossible, there is a serious reason not to do it. so they are safer for the carebares. but if you are at war, or they are in low sec they are vunerable. mabe cloaked from scans or something, not sure.

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