Docking at POCO's, why not?

Title says it enough, but I will elaborate below;

They are certainly big enough to dock an industrial ship such as Epithal, now yes it is certainly a small thing but I think one that helps players to use POCO’s so they are not just hanging out in space waiting to be ganked.

On the flip side gankers can camp those POCO’s if they know someone is in them, now before the howling begins this doesn’t keep ganking from happening, same as people camping stations or other places, but it tips the tables evenly, giving everyone concerned a level field, mostly this is for low sec as pirates camp everything down there.

More risk More reward as things are normally.

Risk still there, in low sec there’s pirates underneath ever rock waiting to jump out :rofl:


Id rather see PI moved out of POCOs and into Upwell Structures.


That is something I purposed, being able to export raw planetary goods and take them to upwell structures for tier production…nothing seemed to happen and some raised their hands to the sky and pleaded with the gods against this because “the market would simply crash” and we would have dark days in EVE as the market would die, just die I tell you :rofl:

Only if you only need a single Upwell structure per system. We don’t want refinery levels of spam for another structure.
‘System clearing house’ or something. Fewer structure bashes to evict someone from a system, fewer bookmarks, etc.

i remember at one time the use of Citadels and Market Hub service modules were mentioned by a Dev for taking over the job of POCO’s once

As someone who does a lot of PI, I would be quite happy with a User Interface refresh. I consider this “low hanging fruit” for CCP - a modest development effort resulting in a large quality of life improvement for a lot of players.

I don’t see any real need to overhaul the mechanics - they’re working and the markets are well supplied with product. Moving high-tech processors to a service module in Upwell structures is something I could support but not something I consider necessary.

Providing POCOs with docking, or even tethering would reduce risk - maybe not a lot but some and I don’t think that’s a good idea. As an industrialist, I think the industrial side of the game needs more risk - not less!


This gave me an interesting question. POCOs already are zero risk if you do it right. How would it become less?

Now producing a facility to actually send your PI to on the location isn’t impossible. The question would be would we require a service module for this and if so which version of the Upwell would be allowed to fit it? Obviously you’d need to fuel it on top of the location your PI would be used at.

Would be cool if the POCO’s could do more such as making tier products, do some selling such as having a small on-site contracts at the POCO to buy the raw or tier products.

So kinda like this, extract raw materials —> export —> make tier products at POCO’s or just sell raw materials —> get stuff or put contract up for pick at POCO’s.

Add to this that products made at POCO’s using a service module has a price for making it on-site (ISK for POCO’s owners).

I’m never stationary at a POCO. Open the windows, select and ready to drag and drop the instant out of warp, followed by warping to next destination (usually back to tether in my case).

Same, I don’t really either, but sometimes there that ‘moment’ and in low that is all it takes.

No… POCO’s do not change PI into Station activity. The reason we can’t do these in space is basically because gravity on a planet is necessary for these activities to complete properly. P0 needs to be on planet to convert to P1 and so on. Space just ruins the assembly function. Even in artificial gravity it just doesn’t function right. Don’t ask about the Livestock… please don’t…

:face_with_raised_eyebrow::smile::smiley::face_with_raised_eyebrow: huh?



no good reason for this, if they allowed anything to dock in them it would force them to triple the cost and that would mean it off sets profits even more.

citadels are cheap, if you want to dock drop one of them

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