Killboard Mercenaries

Does your alliance killboard suck? Are you always in the red? Is your corp 50% snuggly or worse? Are you deeply in need of killboard activity? Well, worry no more! We are the killboard mercenaries and we are ready to fix your killboard for you.

Once we agreed to work for you, one of our agents will join your corporation and start putting up kills for you. Our kills will be done primarily in low security space but may also happen in null. We will honor your blue standings but we will shoot whoever is not blue without asking questions. We take the freedom to fleet up and work with anyone we want to. We will not join your fleets. We guarantee to put up at least 30 kills and one billion ISK in killed value per month at the very minimum. All of this will be done with a minimum ISK efficiency of 95% and minimum overall efficiency of 90%. If we do not manage to achieve that, you will not have to pay for that month. For payment we expect to be paid 2% of the ISK value we put up on zkill. So if we for instance destroy 10 billion ISK in a month, we would be paid 200 million ISK. The upper ceiling for payments is 1 billion ISK per month, so should we put up more than 50 billion ISK on your killboard, everything above that is free. We expect to be paid at the beginning of every month for the last month. We expect a 50 million ISK upfront payment as a security deposit. These 50 million ISK will be deducted from the first payment. We are open for negotiations. Please send me a mail if you have any questions about our service.


This is probably the most interesting mercenary venture I’ve seen in Eve since the days of Mercenary Coalition et al. Seems a touch cheap, which makes me wonder if it’s sustainable long-term, but I can find no flaw in the business model’s inherent incentive towards performance and fulfilling contracts.

It’s not entirely my kind of mercenary work, but it’s most certainly the most intriguing thing I’ve seen in that space for a very long time.

I wish you the best of luck and I will be looking forwards to seeing if it’s a success or not. Eve desperately needs more interesting mercenary activity after it pretty much died off a few years back.

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Thank you very much! I am mostly trying to capitalize on something that I already do a lot. :wink:

This service is still active.

Is this still live? Contact FlatButt to initiate if so.