Service Hosting: Killboards, Pathfinder

I have been hosting several tools for personal & corp use for many years. I feel I am now proficient enough to open this up for sale, starting with the following services priced monthly:

  • EVE Development Network Killboard - 200M

    • Includes Redis support
  • Pathfinder - 200M

    • Includes Redis & Websocket support

Please enquire about pricing for any other systems not mentioned. Chances are I can supply them.

I am able to host the service and supply a DNS record if required - though I suggest for style points you invest a small fee in your own domain which I can assist with.

Any service will require the first 3 months payment in advance before I begin working on the request however you are free to cancel the service and receive a full refund within the first 7 days.

I can be contacted in-game via the character WillusKillus but for a speedy response I would suggest contacting me on Discord: Willus Mollusc#7987

Bump, examples available!

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