[Service] ✱ KG hosting ✱ Web hosting, Teamspeak and more

Teamspeak 3 hosting
Minimum number of rented slots: 10
up to 99 slots -> 2.0 Million ISK per slot
100 slots and over -> 1.5 Million ISK per slot

Each server comes included with:
Fast and quick support

Teamspeak payments are monthly

Web hosting - 150M per month
1GB space
1 database
1 Domain
2 subdomains
5 mailboxes
Unlimited traffic
250.000 isk discount per slot on teamspeak hosting

Require you to have your own domain
I can guide you to where and how to buy one but make sure to notice it cost real money

Other Services:
Forum Setup: I can setup whatever forum you want. PHPBB, VBulletin, you name it. This will be more expensive price depending on the setup time contact me for a quote
Discord EVE Bot: Price depending on features wanted contact me for a quote
Game servers: If you have a game server you want contact me for a quote
Killboard hosting: Contact me to talk it over - Example -> https://kb.tluc.me/

It is all hosted on the following:
Intel Xeon E5
64 GB of DDR4 RAM
1 Gpbs connection with Anti-DDOS

If interested send me a mail, open a convo or catch me in my ingame channel “KG Hosting”

More services will come at a later date

Currently hosted projects for the public
http://eveovermind.com - PvP Intelligence for EVE Online


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