Killboard Padding Service

Hi All,

Are you looking for your first solo PvP kill? In a new corp and looking to build some confidence with your crew? Wanting to impress that special someone with your PvP prowress? Want a comedy killmail of your very own?

I’m a returning player looking for work. I can fly almost anything. Contract me any ship / fit of your choosing and I’ll fly to the destination of your choosing and lose it to you in a fight (I’m useless at this game).

My fee is the value of the ship you send, paid up front. Extras for special / unusual / kinky requests.

What could possibly go wrong?

Killboard Padding Service

eeeewwwww :stuck_out_tongue:

Though not sure if this is a scam and you keep the ships or even a way to bait people into getting killed by their own ship they contracted to you. :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

Either way wrong section, this should be in the services sub-section of the marketplace section.

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