Static to killboard

Howdy. Now its official, till CCP or Zkillboard owner change their mind.

This service give you opportunity to paint zkillboard of your victim in red. Its lazy for me to explain how it works, just read FAQ and watch reports.

  1. Price of service is 500 mill isk for 1000 and 1 bill for 5000 ships. Over 5000 cost 500 mill for each 1000 ships.
  2. Besides service cost you need pay each ship price. You can order any ship, except super capitals and titans. Also you can order fit for this ships for more zkillboard points, but then service cost is doubles. However ships and fits cost is depends of market prices.
  3. Execution period is 10 days. However, there is possible some difficulties, but dont worry, your order will be execute or i back your payment,
  4. Service have white list of untouchable characters or corporations. Also i think about selling immunity to this service.
  5. Service is not responsible for the possible absence or subsequent removal of information about losses from zkillboard, but can provide in-game reports in part or in full, depending on the volume of the order.

So you need just give me name of victim, explain content of order and pay.

500 ships
6000 ships
7000 ships


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Do I get extra fans for my website with this service?
Also can I order Minmatar pilots to shot?


both answer is no, cuz its racism.

order to 7000 ships executed.

next order to 9000 ships available

Props for thinking up a creative service but yeah, please don’t do this again!

This kind of excessive spam falls under the following section of the Terms of Service:

16. You may not do anything that interferes with the ability of other EVE Online subscribers to enjoy the game or web site in accordance with its rules. This includes, but is not limited to, making inappropriate use of any public channels within the game and/or intentionally creating excessive latency (lag) by dumping cargo containers, corpses or other items in the game world.



This is being done in a wormhole so it isn’t the same as dumping cargo containers in an area with other players.

You don’t see a lot of GM posts on the forums, but when they do speak up, its wise to take their words seriously. Manufacturing arbitrary numbers of 1000+ killmails in the past month(s) by other players has already served a purpose of social commentary on the “value” of killmails. But turning this into an industry will eventually lead to GM in-game OFFICIAL warnings, game changes that might affect “legitimate” users of multi-fit / multi-eject - and/or forum thread locks :wink:

order amount of 7800 ships available.

service is innactive from this moment, till few moments not be clearify and i think next orders will be not less 10k ships at once, or i not accept order.

2000 ships order executed

iam happy that iam ur first man and reason why u post first time in this forum and ur killboard virginity stealed by me.
there is few advice:

  1. if targets of this service complain personaly to GM, they must be more carefull.
  2. turn off notifications about killmails.
  3. buy new computer.
  4. found wormhole system where service deployed and evict it or stalking service executor by threats (like ur attention), also they can paying me for immunity.
  5. annouce this as exploit officialy.

what a legend

Im Minmatar and want to shot down few Minmatar pilots, so why you call that racism?
Can you fill that order?

sure, i heard minmatar have some ships

Wait. Aren’t you the Ninja gas harvesting guy?


Aw. You’re good in my book too. I really like this service. I might make an order :rofl:

Okay, that is genuinely hilarious, thanks for the laugh :grin:. Now that you’ve taken my killboard virginity, do I have to killboard-marry you? :flushed:

But real talk, this is not how this works. It’s a pretty clever idea but I’m shutting this service down. This is your last warning.

Apply this creativity elsewhere and I’m sure you’ll find a different profitable venture that won’t cause you any trouble.