Reimbursement programme for new pilots

To prove that gankers are not all bad, I’m offering a ship reimbursement programme to new pilots of Eve Online.

The programme is open to:

pilots up to six months old
pilots who have lost ships / modules up to the value of 20,000,000 isk
pilots who lost ships to other players (ie, not npc kills)

To apply, you will need to submit your in-game pilot’s name, a link to the loss on zkillboard, and a brief description of what happened.

For those who don’t know, zkillboard is a website that records killmails from Eve Online. It allows you to link to those kills. It also provides an incredible amount of information for those seeking information about Eve / Fits / Losses / Corporations / items etc. It’s amazing and you really should be registered.

Please do NOT send me your real life name or out-of-game contact details. I won’t contact you out of game.

Successful reimbursements will be delivered to Jita IV-4 station and you’ll get a contract and message in-game to let you know it’s there.

Video providing full information : Eve Online : Ship Reimbursements for New Pilots - YouTube

Reimbursement form: Ship Reimbursement - MacGybo


What other information do you gather? Seems like another way to grief new players.

Do all the pilot’s you kill in jita get this automatically, also do we qualify when we activate a killright, you sometimes get our instant locking slashers before you die. At least we never find you afk

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After saying the above , well done if you are trying to help new players , see how it runs and if it looks like it will work I’d be happy to help.

Was ambushed by gate griefer, please help.

Follow the instructions and fill out the form here.

Don’t tell me what to do! Send me my instant isk!

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Can someone photoshop a picture of a cup of instant noodles, so that it says “Instant ISK” instead?


I understand the cynicism, especially when the scheme is run by a hi-sec ganker. The only things that will prove that this is genuine is time & transparency.

A list of successful reimbursements is available here.

I’ve donated a billion to get the ball rolling. Rixx Javix has matched that figure. A pilot called evilphoenix has contributed another 100mil and a further pilot called Jazziee Effect has donated 50 frigates.

I’m also aware that newbie griefing is against the rules. I’m not running this as a scam to target new pilots. That would be Eve suicide.

The fact is that it makes sense to help out new folk. The first few months in Eve can be make or break for new players. If this helps a few pilots stick around for the long term, or allows them to be more adventurous then that’s more content for the rest of us.


This is Eve. I have spreadsheets to complete.

You cover many subjects in those two sentences.

I don’t care about your spreadsheet.


Sadly, the reimbursement programme only applies to those who were killed by other players.

I can see that your kills are mostly by NPCs. It would appear that Concord are constantly harrassing you. I would consider filing a complaint, maybe asking for a restraining order. Those space cops in Uedama are trigger happy bastards.

Yes maybe I do and really it doesn’t matter as we have our own ship replacement scheme.

Also the idea of give the ship back fitted properly so people learn a bit about ship fitting , if you have time for that.

While I don’t have time for that, I have been having conversations with pilots about their lost fits. I’ll reimburse what they lost, but also share some info about ship bonuses / appropriate turrets etc.

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The grand majority of the ships lost in your corporation are to NPCs, so why is that even necessary?

Older players creating content and interaction with and for newbies is always a big win.


You’re very selective about what type of player you endorse. You weren’t very supportive of @Githany_Red when he started the same thing (basically).

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I don’t even know what you’re talking about? Feel free to link a post where I did.