BURN BABY BURN! --- >>> September Games (Contract)

hes even selling his toon on the car bazar this mirjana popovic.

maybe to finally pay up

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Actually Boomstick is not my alt. I do have many, many alts, but this one is not it. However if you want to buy my char, please post in the correct thread. I think this one is reserved for different matters.

Ok, if you say so…

you know, while you were flaming in here:

Dont trash talk when pvping :slight_smile:

Focus, lad, focus!!!

EVE System > Channel changed to Local : GRNJ-3
EvilDoomer > exploit
EvilDoomer > and reported
EvilDoomer > banable offense
Mirjana Popovic > right :)))

EvilDoomer outside the shield in his scout, gets popped by my hecate at 1000 m. distance as the tower and everything around it is bookmarked. Makes ticket, cries the same as he did when his uncle banged him in the dirt and claims exploit cause … yeah … why the ■■■■ not…

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Quiet, alt of mine!!! Do not cause the enemy to waste salt, we need it!!!


Anyways… Syndicate is warming up, seems lots of kills, but not too many killed my targets :slight_smile: so far, Mongo the Mechanic had been doing good, judging from the first initial preliminary count and Seriously Suspicious, followed by some Hobos and lots of other corps/alliances tied on 2nd place with 1 kill each…

But this Saturday was rich with kills. Some really good kills.

usualy like everyday nothing special happend.


now that they noticed that no one is comming they are finally taking actions… at least they try


No activity for three days? That was short lived. It was fun when people roamed in for the first few days at least :slight_smile:


Update, Sept 6th. This clown has had zero impact and has fed us numerous kills. Several times he has docked immediately when someone enters system. Yawn, I guess he was really betting on other people
Fighting his battle. Also, be careful, if he thinks your one of us, he’ll block you :joy::joy:

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I exchanged a cheap Gnosis.

Thanks for the Loot. For this I can buy 2 more Gnosis :joy:

Lol, was afk for RL issues, however seeing nothing has changed in Syndicate, might as well be afk still.

Stay Feral is either docked or mining, Cursed Battalion seems to gain courage only when they have strength in numbers

Due to lack of interest, no reason to keep the contract active…

pls give us some more kills dont stop u can do it!

No pls keep the contract up It was fun playing eve with people

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We were docked up all week? Oh, I guess someone forgot to tell us that :slight_smile:

Can we talk? I may be interested in some content :slight_smile:

we had fun too bad no one you sent was worth a damn. I’m guessing you were butthurt over something and finally got over it. Or figured out no bounty system was gonna work against pilots who watch each other’s back and respond as a group instead of solo pilots.

It was short lived content but thanks for trying to generate it.

maybe next time you’ll join in, instead of hiding behind others and isk.


Ok, so I logged into the game after a month or two being away, just to take a peak at whats going on.

Sadly, Stay Feral, my enemy from Syndicate, has been eradicated and forced to leave. They are now trying to recruit people, because they kicked all their noobs and rookies and fresh blood. Why? Because they either: 1) deemed them unworthy for further training 2) terrified of spies 3) inactivity

They would later transfer all their structures to North Star Co. to avoid any humiliating losses like:

There goes a home :slight_smile:

And as their internal leadership has confirmed, they were unable to defend the space they were given and, in some instances, attacked those that fed them and allowed them to stay this long.

Right now, they were sent off into a wormhole to lick their wounds and lay low, as their ranks got decimated. Everytime I log into their discord, there is fewer and fewer players. The last meeting was all ‘Kmee’ and ‘Wuaaah!!!’ More like a kindergarten, nothing that resembles a healthy, functioning alliance.

Goal achieved!!! Down with space feudalism!!!

Well, the contract I put up, nobody accepted. Had to cancel it later on and leave due to private affairs. However, even though the games have been a kind of a fail, it did later attract the unwanted attention that my enemies were so desperately trying to evade.

Which leads me to the conclusion that the next games will have to be more organized and the event will require logistics, which should provide the attacker with more guns, more ships and easier access to them. Nobody likes to run to Jita 21 jumps there and back again only to die 20 mins later. Death has a price and its logistics… :frowning:

This kinda was a pilot run and was organized too damn fast. So I reckon the games I plan for February, will prove to be more fruitful. Just have to find a new enemy or alliance that I do not like that much…

Overall, Stay Feral are not bad kids, just a bit slow in the head and lacking in balls, but they are fast when retreat is required, Ill give em that.

Tried to buy all their structures at Jita prices -15%, those azbels and athanors will be dead anyways, however I am a kind soul and don’t really want them to go so far from me, as I still like to spank them every now and then. So offer was made and rejected because the ‘KMEEE’ is too strong. Either way it was a risky deal as I could have gotten empty structures with no mods, paid for them after the transfer only to have them destroyed as … no modules…

As to Cursed Battalion, I decided I am not going to pursue them anymore as every messiah needs a few bitches around to keep him company :slight_smile:

You’re a ■■■■■■■ clown :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:

Sir, this is the Mercenary section, the role-play forums are that way :point_right:

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Interesting fictional narrative.
Definitely a step down from war reporting