[SPORK] No Forks Given. Merc Services for Hire

Of course it is very easy for you to boast of destroying bases of simple miners, your colleague this evening did not seem very brave having escaped crying, maybe I’ll post the screens of his comments, what do you think? I left him with a notch of life and I chose not to destroy his ship, you know very well who I’m talking about, because you sent him.
Oh yes, I forgot, you are preparing about 40 useless ships, news known to me for some time …
You practically sold yourself for the cost of a pizza, very very fun …:pizza:

Be that as it may, good game and may the best one win, I mean really, in the end EVE is this!

So… sequence of events:

You get killed by No Forks… now you follow them around and stalk the forums like a love sick puppy?

Pretending to the the Uber Spy of which the Mittani would be envious about. Time to take loss on the chin and just move on.

This is why I love this stuff, you get followers, good and bad.

Your hypothesis of the sequence of events is completely wrong, since no one was killed, stalk the forum? no either, but I advise you to avoid reporting and hiding these comments because it is synonymous with cowardice, a true leader would have come directly to face me alone instead of sending a poor slave who came home crying with 5% of life, it really takes little creating caos from the outside and piloting from the inside, but evidently today’s players have forgotten the basic rules, they don’t exist! Stalk the forum? no, it is you who are trivial and think there are rules in this game, because all this concerns only and exclusively the game if you can elaborate this concept. Eve is this!
Pretending to be a spy you say? The biggest mistake is relying on this account, but I realize your outlook is quite limited, yet there are many other examples in other circumstances that should give you more clarity, the point is being able to understand them, which is why I knew already everything from the beginning and the next steps, buying and selling information, creating caos is much more profitable and satisfying than anything else, good game!:smirk:

It’s like /r/iamverysmart had an incestuous relationship with /r/iamverygood and she drank a lot during the pregnancy.



Can I use as dramatic reading material No Forks? This is grade A

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A+ - great teamwork, professional, organized and prepared. Anyone looking for support these guys are the ones to reach out first. Its EVE, ■■■■ happens and we will bat phone them and their friends again without hesitation.


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here we go wario

up we go

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We are presently accepting contracts.

Recent Contract Completed

Another contract completed:

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We are currently taking more contracts!

Im reading through this page as i will may be needing their services at some point.

I have to say that you cannot say anything about honour or any shred of integrity in that their leader didn’t face you. You are the mouthpiece for your spy alts :laughing:

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Very nice Contact ! Very quick response ! Very good work ! 100 % recommend !

Best greetings Alex.

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