NFG - Giving Sporks to new Corps


Have you ever sat around wondering why you’re pushing your members to click yet another PAP link that gets thrown into a convoluted spreadsheet that somehow calculates your “worth” or wonder why you just spent 2 hours scanning a chain that people are only going to blob you in? How about wondering why your members haven’t lobotomized themselves over running yet another Cerberus or Munnin fleet? Or my personal favorite, flying under that one FC that screeches incoherently if the slightest mishap occurs.

If any of those thoughts have crossed your mind about your current alliance and you were thinking about checking out somewhere else, come give No Forks Given a look. We are a predominately PvP-based alliance out of the Lowsec regions of Kador/Genesis. We have a good balance of individuals who enjoy PvP but also spend time krabbing on local moons, sites, incursions, and other activities to make ISK. There is no shortage of people willing to help within No Forks, and there’s a lot of solid experience to go around.

Once upon a time I was a nullsec CEO that had spent nearly a decade playing in the sandbox that was null politics and bullshittery. I was always told that it was impossible to make ISK in lowsec, and that living in low was impossible. Both of those things have been completely disproven to me in the last year since I joined No Forks Given. This alliance is a meritocracy, and thankfully, lowsec has been both fun and rewarding to live in.

We fly a multitude of ships, but are heavily armor based. We participate in quite a lot of Blops activities in and around our home region, and just generally enjoy playing the game and hanging out. On down nights we’ll go camp the nearby Ahbazon gate, or turn on a different video game altogether for a bit (Our alliance exec is really good at feeding as Jarvan). In short, we have a pretty solid community built up with a multifaceted array of interests and activities and we’re looking to bring my corporations into that fold.

For those that like bullet points, we do the following:

  • Blops
  • PvP Roams & Fleets
  • Local mining & Industry
  • Gate-Camping
  • Local incursions
  • Anything that sounds FUN
  • SRP

We have a pretty decent tech backbone built up thanks to some open-source platforms. We predominately use Discord for text-based chat/pings/organization, and Teamspeak 3 for voice communications.

We are primarily looking for USTZ corporations, but would not be averse to talking to EUTZ corporations as we’ve recently acquired some new EUTZ blood.

What is No Forks Given looking for in a potential corporation?

  • At least 10 active people
  • Willingness to use our doctrines (Machariel, Legion, Tempest, guardian, kikimora, etc)
  • Willingness to use Discord and Teamspeak 3
  • A group looking to have fun and move into lowsec
  • A CEO or directorship that have goals and still enjoys the game

We have one major rule: Don’t be a dick. Other than that, we’re a pretty open book. If you have questions, feel free to reach out on Discord (Maulth#3255) or to Maulthia in-game.


Bump we go

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Looking for more corps. Had a good brawl tonight with the Spectre boys.

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Always looking for more people to join!


Can confirm that NFG is a great place to get a mix of pvp and industry. We have a robust infrastructure and are incredibly resilient with super friendly comms. Have been involved with FYAD (a corp in NFG) for over a decade and regrets are few and NFG is the first place that has truly felt like home :slight_smile:


Bump to say much of the same. I’m having the time of my life mining during the days and pew pew pvping at night! NFG is well worth at least a conversation about how we can improve your EVE experience :slight_smile:


Bump! Having tons of fun :slight_smile:


Up we go

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Great alliance!

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Solid alliance!

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I love my sporks and forks!

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We joined a few months ago and everyone in my corp is enjoying LS space. We have lived everywhere and find LS to be the most fun of all for both earning ISK and doing PVP daily.

NFG will also be participating in the AT. Thats a perfect example of the commitment to EVE we have & the opportunities available to you.

The leadership is always open to listen to ideas and also receiving feedback to make things better.

Great choice!