NFG - Giving Sporks to new Corps




Oh look it’s a bump


Up we go

2 forts…one Voltron- Check out the action

up we go

We fielded an Alliance Tournament team this year - Check out the action EVE Online | Alliance Tournament XVIII - Day 1 - YouTube

Great space and isk making for your crew…plus good fights of all flavors, Strategic, Lolz, Yeet, Camps, etc…lots of good fun all around

dare I say give your members the opportunity to use their dreads… Battle Report Tool

Let’s go boys…active EU & US TZ

There is fun to be had…what are you waiting for?

Up we go!

Up up and away!


Fun USTZ Kitchen Sink Gang. Summer was a bit slow for us, but we’re starting back up again.

Lots of new and exciting things going on around the old place!

Lots of changes, lots of new and exciting things!

Hell yeah Hello No Forks