Blood Eagle Syndicate offering Merc Service

We are a small but strong Low-Sec PVP Group focused around Small-Gang and Mid-Scale PVP.

We are new to mercenary contracts so we will offer a good price to build up a reputation :slight_smile:

Services can be:

  • Ganks
  • Black Ops / Drops
  • Stopping Mining and Ratting activities in a Region
  • WH Evictions
  • War-Deccing
  • Station Removals
  • Protection
  • Senior FC for rental / training your FCs
  • Theorycrafting your Doctrins and finding counters to your enemies with Senior FC.

Contact us: Blood Eagle Syndicate
Or reach out directly to me: Etixpp#0530

Welcome :slight_smile:

Great service. I was left highly impressed with the efficiency and professionalism of these guys, went above and beyond what Iā€™d expect for mercenary services.

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I just worked with them after making some initial mistakes on our station. We retained their services and @Kanari_Xadi bent over backwards to accommodate, going so far as to install EVE on their work machine so they could send alliance assistance in request. They showed up on our discord, provided tactical assistance with fits and ended up scaring away our enemies with no losses for ourselves or Blood Eagle. Would happily work with them again.

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