[IFED] Mercenary Service πŸ’₯


IFED is a large active null sec corporation that can be hired for those jobs small corps just cannot manage , Our motto !

β€” To provide firepower or advice for A reasonable price ! β€”

Our https://zkillboard.com/corporation/98573896/kills/

Currently accepting contracts for the following:

** Structure Removal / Defense , In low sec - null Sec and Wormhole space

** Strategic consultation And FC rental

** Wormhole evictions

Need something special done ? Have a contract all the other Mercs won’t touch ? Come have a chat with us on our discord Or speak to Kiloalpha ingame


Confirming that IFED is indeed available to hire out at the moment , our customers know that their information is kept confidential , and we strive to offer the best service for you !

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Would you guys be able to help me evict some guys from a wormhole ? I will pay ?


We have contacted you

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We are currently on contract at the moment until Monday And won’t be available to hire untill then

Current job. - Wormhole eviction , 1 x Fortizar / 1 x Azbel and 1 x Athanor

Are you looking for new recruits

We are always recruiting :slight_smile:

Have a read of that , we have much more to offer then the odd merc contract :slight_smile:

Our contract finnishes soon and we will be available from Thursday to hire again

our last contract has ended and are now avaliable for hire

currently on contract for one month

Contract has now ended and we are now again available for hire

Available for the odd contract

Current completely contract count is 22