[IFED] Mercenary Service πŸ’₯


IFED is a large active null sec corporation that can be hired for those jobs small corps just cannot manage , Our motto !

β€” To provide firepower or advice for A reasonable price ! β€”

Our https://zkillboard.com/corporation/98573896/kills/

Currently accepting contracts for the following:

** Structure Removal / Defense , In low sec - null Sec and Wormhole space

** Strategic consultation And FC rental

** Wormhole evictions

Need something special done ? Have a contract all the other Mercs won’t touch ? Come have a chat with us on our discord Or speak to Kiloalpha ingame


Confirming that IFED is indeed available to hire out at the moment , our customers know that their information is kept confidential , and we strive to offer the best service for you !

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Would you guys be able to help me evict some guys from a wormhole ? I will pay ?


We have contacted you

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We are currently on contract at the moment until Monday And won’t be available to hire untill then

Current job. - Wormhole eviction , 1 x Fortizar / 1 x Azbel and 1 x Athanor

Are you looking for new recruits

We are always recruiting :slight_smile:

Have a read of that , we have much more to offer then the odd merc contract :slight_smile:

Our contract finnishes soon and we will be available from Thursday to hire again