The Extortionists Mercs for hire no job to small

Please join our in-game EXT-PUB channel or contact me direct!

Such a limited advertisement, no killboard, you don’t even tell us about yourself… How are potential customers susposed to trust you?

Noted - but zkill is there for everyone to see!
Trust is earned in my world through a working relationship not words in an add.


Someone hasn’t done this before

THE EXTORTIONISTS Our killboard for those who care to look. Mostly active within wormholes but we do reside in highsec near jita. We are not undock campers we are active hunters who move around new eden in search for content. If you have content for us get in touch via our in game “EXT-PUB” channel.

Still taking contracts ladies and gentleman.

Structure removal

We don’t just take you isk and sit outside stations we actively hunt and camp where the enemy is.

Still taking contracts daily!


Have used services multiple times, these are our go to guys, easy to work with and fair pricing.

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