Public Mercenary Channel - Mercenary Services

**Join: Mercenary Services

This Channel is for contracting Mercenaries.

Channel Rules:

No Drama, No Fuss and No Abuse!
No advertising, all conversations must be taken to private chat.
If you are being convo’d by someone not listed you are being scammed! All scammers will be banned.
The following mercenaries are approved services.

High sec mercenary services:

Vendetta Mercenary Group:
Pheonix Jr, Garypls Fink, tainted demon, lil Pheonix

The Marmite Collective:
Tora Bushido, Murdoch Luther

Final Ultimatum
Naomi Yazmin

Mattgreenwald, Kvelli , chestnut yamumano

Low sec mercenary services:

Who dares wins.
Thaddeus Drake, Grakar Arailion. Chad VanGaalen

Final Ultimatum
Naomi Yazmin

Null sec mercenary services:

Wormhole Services:

The following requirements to become an approved Mercenary Group are:

-Accept Contractual work
-Have a forum page
-Have NO reputation for betraying contracts (double dipping)
-Have a representative in this channel (Max of 4)

It is not acceptable to bring in war drama to this channel and operators are expected to leave any personal feeling to the side when dealing with anything regards to applications to this channel. It will be operated to the highest level of professionalism.

To place an application or to channel against an approved group, please Mail: Selina Kubeq, lil Pheonix, Tora Bushido, Thaddeus Drake, chestnut yamumano

The ONLY suitable posts in this thread are:

Channel feedback.
Requests to be Listed in the OP.
Request for mercenary Services.

Anything beyond this should be taken to a private conversation or in-game mails.


The previous thread was close do to irrelevant posts, anyone found to be doing this will be reported. Keep your drama else were and act like grown ups.

Correct spelling might help or even proof reading before posting!

Please add VENDETTA, PIRAT and HOLESALE. Or are you as fake as all the other channels lol.

As a former customer of Natural & Khrom, I would protest their inclusion under the Op’s rules: no scamming.

Detailed in the thread “Fall of Romi”, it was disclosed how they scammed me. I was so disgusted with their scam I destroyed one of their alliance members holdings of POCO’s in compensation. Can link in old and new forums, but most of the senior Merc CEO’s here know the story.

Actions have long term consequences and reputations are hard to repair. I hope they have learnt something.

oh wow, seems like just a few months ago it was spree asking this same question to khrom.

fortunately, this channel isn’t a popularity contest based on whether or not the sole channel admin likes you, like previous ones.

Anyone interested in joining needs to read the rules and contact the channel admins all linked above.

If wholesale and Pirate want to be listed if they can mail me i will be happy todo so.

I have no problem with all 3 being listed, as none of them have ever scammed someone, as far as I know. My biggest issue with the old channels was, not enough moderators. We aint saints here, but we do have a reputation to uphold.


Natural, where would you want to be listed High Sec and WH?

Plus who is your points of contact?

I will quote khrom here, back when he was actually a fair moderator of the old channel. He stated this when i asked him why the butterfly effect was listed(Yes that long ago XD)

“Even though i think their way of “Mercing” is bad they are still mercs, so who am I to tell them they cannot be listed?”

I say as long as they adhere to these channels rules they are welcome to be listed, and until those rules are broken have the right to be, as tainted said this channel is not a popularity contest its a channel for people to buy services, as long as the services offered by the 3 are within the channel rules, add em.


Updated OP


High-Sec and Low-Sec

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As this notion has been Seconded by second moderator, It has been passed. Once nature provides the information they will be listed.

I personally will state i had some reservation but as no evidence of scamming has been provided for the existing alliance VENDETTA there is no grounds to withhold this right as long as all other rules have been met.


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Tora, I sent you last year a copy of Razz’s correspondence, ref Kypp discussing with Razz to scam a client and what merc alliances were involved. Is it a memory problem, or you don’t believe Razz? You read the public thread “Fall of Romi” and even commented on it.

Happy to resend our correspondence ref the matter to jolt your memory.

V E N D E T T A Removed as none of the members listed on their forum are part of the alliance.

Can you send me some points of contact to use.

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Can you resend me the info where VENDETTA scammed someone?

Just sent the mail, I may have sent it from an alt last year. Gave another copy to the Pit Boss and Noragen to get Vendetta struck as ‘mercs’ last year.

gentlemen, lets not turn this into a he said she said match, VENDETTA is a fresh alliance, with this new alliance and the new merc channel I am willing to give them a chance to turn over a new leaf. if they do not then we can take that road IF it happens,


Wow. You lot actually think this stuff is important. Im trolling. No we dont need to be listed here for business. Got plenty of that. I just wanted to see who got involved in the comments after.

There is nothing wrong with the last merc channel.

I would suggest this one was purely set up to discredit and defraud the eve community of the truth. I mean really how is this independant. Lol. You made me laugh.

You are directly accused of scamming, true mercs are willing to forgive and forget, then you admit to trolling them. Future customers and potential allies should now understand who they are dealing with. Thx for putting it out there.

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Sorry who are you? Serious question have we fought in game before as i do not recall. When i clicked on your name here i laughed as it just looks like your a forum pvper.