Offering Serious Work for Serious Mercs

(Siren Naskingar) #1

Looking for merceneries from either direlik or minmitar space for a couple jobs. Will take offers on charges and what not. Hit me up if your interested and I’m sure I can comepensate you for your time. Only need about 2 to 3 men with pvp background preffered. I will have some questions. My in game name is Siren Naskinger or you can email me at Look forward to hearing from you. >:) this is not a social call. serious work for serious mercs.

(Tora Bushido) #2

Have you already tried the mercenary channel in game?

Channel name : Mercenary Services

(Siren Naskingar) #3

no but ty

(Raze He11) #4

That channel is useless. Now watch them have a sh&t fit and war dec my 1 week old characters.

(Benny Broadband) #5

Don’t use RIOT, they seem to have troubles sorting out who to dec and will probably end up dec’ing you, Azazul (aka Lolicopter Boi) still hasn’t sorted out the basics…

oh the flames continue…

(Black Necromunger) #6

lolicopter still havent figured out who to wardec… talked to him about a small issue i had and he agreed to come around with a cruiser fleet, and that would have been perfect, but instead he wardecced the wrong corp… so yeah, RIOT is still not to be the ones to go to when you need small things done

(gnshadowninja) #7

I’ll cause you a bigger issues if you go after my citadel again. :kissing:

(Saeger1737) #8

You never go full carebear…

(gnshadowninja) #9

Lies, I did mining in wormhole… Bad times

(Saeger1737) #10


May Pope Gary cleanse your soul!!!

(Black Necromunger) #11

no hard feelings, it was on low power <3 :wink: