[Merc] Naw Channel for all

Hello everyone

I thought the game of mercenaries was down. That an audience can bind all types of mercenaries, independent, micro gang, alliance.

So I decided to create a channel dedicated to the exchange of services between mercenaries and customers. It is a free and autonomous, which can serve and promote the war in general. I search all the mercenaries and make a list. This same list is the subject of a website dedicated to piracy and mercenaries.


Only one person can pay the services of a mercenary. A mercenary society can offer its services.

the channel is: OneService

Rules: OneService is a relationship between mercenaries and their customers

1 / Call “OneService” and attend the convocation.
2 / Prefer an alt - not your main character.
3 / Negotiate your contract privately.

Master a pipeline entry
Destroy the pos - Cita - Forti
Escort null - Stockings - Empire
Protect your company
Declaration of war
Defend an area
Convoy support
Textile Kill
Camper cloack
And more …

… using Chan OneService

“I am also looking for mercenary companies by broadcasting in the chain to offer their services directly.” You can send me emails on my character Sys32