(Tora Bushido) #1

Channel for contracting Trusted Mercenaries.

Channel Rules:

  • No Drama, No Fuss and No Abuse!
  • No advertising, all conversations must be taken to private chat.
  • If you are being convo’d by someone not listed you are being scammed! All scammers will be banned.

To see who are ready to take your contract, join the in-game channel:



(Saeger1737) #2

3rd channel huh? Channel really seems cursed whomever is running it always seems to lose their alliance…

(Tora Bushido) #3

I am running it and Marmites have been here for 9 years so far. Don’t worry.

(Sol epoch) #4

What are you up to these days?

(Saeger1737) #5

Null and lowsec stuffs… You?

(Sol epoch) #6

Sorry such a late reply but Life really takes some time! So many hobbies and family!

Being financially well off is sometimes a burden but I detract from the answer!

Nothing much! Waiting for something to happen apart from eve falling over which it seems to have done!

(Tora Bushido) #7

If you want to hire the best mercenaries in Eve, who you can trust to do the job, you will find all of them in the in-game channel MERCENARY PUB.

(Saeger1737) #8

I think another big null war is on the horizon… But only time will tell

(Natural CloneKiller) #9

Not all of them…

(Saeger1737) #10

Your group can’t really be trusted