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The only people left in the old merc channel are members of your coalition, with most of the moderators either AFK from eve or not doing merc related gameplay anymore it was time to remake the merc contracts.

Seeing as this is a forum for the new channel please keep all non related “trolling” where it belongs.

You are right. The old channel needs an update. We dont need this biased channel. Someone independant should create a channel.

Natural, you have stated you have no interest in this channel and that it doesn’t matter. So any further input you provide, I can only see as attempts to derail this thread.

If you want to reiterate your statement and be listed, have a say and be part of the new official merc channel please provide the names of people within the V E N D E T T alliance (or the alliance you represent) for me to put up. You are also welcome to inform holesale and PIRAT to do the same.

I helped to create this channel to be part of the merc community and show my support. It will be run impartially and compartmentalised from Spree. I expect as more moderators are added from other merc groups over time will help to improve this and make the channel feel less bias.

This channel can have real value to the community once again. providing a solid base to receive contracts and a place that can combine the vast knowledge of mercs that might be used to lead to positive change in game mechanics. This will only work if it is given the time, respect and support to grow.

I understand your concerns and others but sometimes a clean slate is the only way to move forward. Anything that has happened outside of this channel regarding wars and previous alliance history is irrelevant. It will be run as such, where any wars are not to interfere with it.

As proof of this marmite and spree are and will be at war for the foreseeable future. When you requested listing Tora, Lil and I all spoke (current moderators) putting the rest aside the current war and came to a consensous with you being added. The only reason you were removed was due to your names being inaccurate.

Tora. Lil. And you. Lol dont make me laugh. Only tora has any credibility.


I have never been outright disrespectful and always am openly honest, your childish antics are not something i will indulge any further. Please stop attempting to derail this thread because you’re not getting your own way.

If you feel safer sending your list to tora, do so. Otherwise, if you have no interest in this thread leave it.

You say that lil and seline have no credibility, but at least when you asked to join a channel they both set their feelings aside and made a fair decision. More than they ever got from you.
If only you and khrom could both learn to set the feelings police parts of you down every once in a while, there wouldn’t be a need for a new channel.

That is not true is it. If you recall it was lil who went nuts at someone for messing up and throwing his toys out of the pram before heading off. Both khrom and i were more than diplomatic with these situations.

I dont care for spending time with people who cannot respect each other.

You mean lil who you/khrom made a director, and i believe the phrase “drill Sargent” was used , Told him to do something then when he did it as usual you had a feelings fit and told him off, (not for the 1st time btw)
And in what way were you diplomatic here? you pulled him into a channel to kick him then had a convo with him and khrom lol AMAZING diplomacy natural.

And you forgot to mention why spree got told no or ignored by khrom when asking to be listed. (b4 we ever talked to and got to know them btw)
And there were others khrom just refused to deal with as he took his “power” too seriously.

Back on topic
New channel, actual rules to them, multiple admins willing to set aside dramas win win win.

As of 19 June 2016 ( hard to keep up with changes )
Did you have a falling out with Khrom, separate corps? Do people approach you and Khrom for PIRAT contracts now?

End of VMG Alliance? You loose the bet?!?

We now own V E N D E T T A.

This should really be a sticky but I can understand

I was tempted to do this a few months back. This popped up while I was spit balling the idea with some friends so I never bothered

natural can’t substantiate any claims of the channel being biased, it’s just his attempt to throw a fit that he’s not relevant anymore, This channel is fine, it has moderation from both sides of the fence, from groups that don’t get along.

Until natural substantiates any claims of bias just assume he’s whining

I actually agree, how does one go about getting a moderator to sticky this thread?

I hope to see this thread expand and grow with more mercs adding to it.

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I need a merc corp who would be capable for a package subscription to hunt several corps being part of the same conglomerate.
So the conglomerate would not be under an alliance. Their trick is that at each war they move all the members to different corps who got the same Prefix. So it would not be a problem to do some intel about it, it’s frankly quite easy.
The task is so to declare a war which would be, I guess for a week by default, the price will never vary since they are not enough to make the price really high enough so it would always be 50M by week, but you would need to declare war every 24h to a new corp. Since they are not very experience in PVP you would not loose a single ship most certainly.
50M every 2 days since they would always need 24 hours to change => and I m ready to pay 500M a week and I can last that for several weeks. In any case they would always be in the same place so it won’t be much of a problem to locate them anyway. But I would need results; This means screenshots of presence if it wasn’t possible to make a kill because they were stuck in station for example.
Is there any merc corp capable of doing that?
Best regards

I need to move an Astrahus out of low sec. It is not a high traffic system 4 or 5 jumps from desto, but the un-anchoring process may attract trouble. I would hear options and fees in game mail. I probably wont monitor this thread so I say again: in game mail.

Thank you gentlemen.