Public Mercenary Channel - Mercenary Services

(Pheonix Jr) #41

please stay on topic and stop spamming posts with your off topic nonsense. No one would hire you to do anything considering you can’t even kill a praxis gang

(Yaosus) #42

Oh look, the corp thieves and scammers are back offering their services once again :slight_smile:

I bet the weenie brothers and their pet project tainted have new scams ready for 2019.

Is it also suitable for you to hide the fact that you’re advertising the scamservices of known Jita scammers and corp thieves like Pheonix Jr, Garypls Fink, tainted demon, lil Pheonix, or do you also get a cut from the stolen isk?

(Saeger1737) #43

So you’ve been gone a while… Did you just get off punishment or are you finally gonna do something?

(Selina Kubeq) #44

Updated OP,

Channel Still popular

I will be expanding the admins to account for the regularly uses merc groups. To expand and share the responsibility of this channel.

(Selina Kubeq) #45

Updated and added 2 new moderators:

As planned the channel has expanded its moderator pool into 2 other merc alliance. Adding in:

Chestnut Yamumano
Thaddeus Drake

Both are representatives of long-standing mercs that have used and supported this channel.

On a sad and temporary note:
I have also removed my own alliance from OP . As we don’t currently meet the criteria to be part of this (not taking contracts) . I will continue to maintain and support this channel for the good of the community and hopefully, rejoin the fray as soon as RL permits.

(Pheonix Jr) #46

You’ve always got a place with the gnomes! Goodluck and poke me on discord when you’re back!

F for respects