[IFED] Mercenary Service πŸ’₯

Currently on hire for 1 week



Available - join our https://discord.gg/uDe7sYhc8z Discord and speak with the Colonel commissar

Are y’all available?

These guys are scammers, paid for citadel defence in high-sec. KiloAlpha told that they will defend hull timer and after that protect it during a week, while citadel is unanchoring.

And… never ever showed up, nor responded to emails, even banned me in their discord.

Pathetic, do not recommend.

Im not sure what happen with the above poster but I needed a hostel POS to be removed from our WH. They came in and took it down and even came back for the next timer. Great people, even let us join fleet to help. Not that they needed it. 10/10 would use again.


Thank you for your business and for the feedback , was a fun contract , if you need us again hit us up .