[Merc] Spree - Mercs and savages

Spree - Mercs and savages

A new upcoming corp that was launched on 01.11.2017 with the goal of becoming a solid and professional Merc group. We operate strictly to do the job we are hired for. We will not take a job we can’t deliver on.

The corp has grown and evolved over the time we have been running. Rising up from 2 guys wasting bullets to an established an well-used merc group. I personally hope to see this corp go even further beyond the original scope and become one of the top, respected merc groups in eve. This will take time and the right people.

  • If you are new to the merc/wardec game, we can give you tips and advice to help you on your way to becoming a merc yourself.

  • Older more experienced players can share their expertise. Every corp can always use more experience, we do hear you and will provide an environment that you can pass on your knowledge.


  • Ship replacement program, allowing you to mitigate some of the costs of being a merc.

  • Loot share from the structure bashes, expanding your ability to make more isk from pvp.

  • Earnings from contracts.

Interesting in Joining?

All we ask is you follow the expectations below and have a personality that fits with the rest of the corp. We do have some narly/dark convo’s that some may not handle well…

Expectations for members:

  • Engage war targets at your discretion or fleet up for extra support.
  • Participate in all contracts and find wardec targets, ensuring to inform people of intel.
  • Most of all be polite in local as you blow up their loved stuff.
  • Honor surrender and ransoms( the 24 hour period after surrender considered active).


Or join our channel: Spree Recruitment

Zkillboard : https://zkillboard.com/corporation/98535324/4

For using our services see : [MERC} Spree Mercenary Group [SMG}


Growing Corp, looking for more.







Growing corp, increasing activity.

Recruitment will be opening back up in the next few days.


would like to join, sent an email.
2 combat toons

Hello all,

We are now more than a corporation are now a stable alliance.

We are once again looking for more members.

Must bring snacks

I actually tried to get in contact with your recruiters:
Destruction Path, midget gems, that was 6 days ago (sent them a mail) never got a reply though :frowning:
Recommend a public recruitment channel, makes it easier to gather people i guess :confused:

Added to op. My bad for not having it.

Can recommend :slight_smile:

Getting paid to shoot stuff, mercenary life \o/

Spree are looking for new pilots to join us. We are open to small merc corporations and individuals. We are happy to take new players so that we might hand down the experience we have gained.

Nothing helps to learn more than to teach new people and bring them into the High Sec Merc world. We have a solid reputation and loyal membership core.

If you have any questions mail our recruiters or join our recruitment channel.

Boring alliance, no wars, nothing to shoot. Bad leadership.

Selina will brag about these “billion isk” contracts that bring him in 20-40b a month but you won’t see any of it if you do any work for it. It’s okay, though! they don’t exist anyways:D

Much better “mercs” out there. o7