[Merc] Spree - Mercs and savages

Shall we break that down for you?

Boring alliance - Is that because we put RL first and our members find the content themselves and are not walked to it?

No wars - at current we have 41 active wars

Nothing to shoot- we don’t sit in trade hubs so content doesn’t land under our guns.

Bad leadership - Hard to have this when the corp is pretty self-run we don’t need an overhyped supper elitist leadership. Once again free-thinking group.

Contracts - I attempt to keep my members informed of how much we make and we do spend about 4b a week on wars. At the minimum, this week’s wars would be 2b if they all only had 50 members or less. They don’t
So you do see about 20b a month in content alone.

Money to members, we actually just changed our bashing policy now the alliance is stable and generating good isk from contracts. Many thanks to our friends in Wrecking Machine for the advice on diving up loot for them.

I think i covered most things there. O yeah, better mercs, we don’t claim to be the “best” we claim m to be honourable. We can always learn more, being the “best” gets you lazy and apparently leads to your alliance being stolen.

First point, whether you do that or not it’s still doesn’t change the fact of it being boring.

Second point, it’s funny how you list 41 wars but don’t mention how half of those are from VMG corps getting kicked out of their alliance.

Third point, again, does not change the fact of what I said about there being nothing to shoot.

All you need to do is check your groups kb for the content/quality of your wars. In the last 5 days there have been 4 ships killed…fun times indeed. I guess if anyone joins though there will be plenty of structures to you from Omega :smiley: POCO BASHING FUN!!!

Top killer in the last 7 days is 8 ships. next top killers are 1 kill each. Content is thriving!

Also, top/most active player in Spree had this to ask only a week ago.

So I guess constant breaks are the norm for spree because in the months I’ve dealed with you, you’re always returning from some long break. Play for a week or two then go another break. Cycle continues:D So should tell recruits that maybe.

Each to their own on what is boring. If your a “member” of spree your welcome to stop posting on an alt and come straight out with it all. Until then i can only assume your either your a child who has no responsibilities in life and don’t understand the importance of putting it first or your a troll/spy that offers little insight only attempting to create some sort of drama.

In either case you should grow up, be an adult and move on. I’ll end the conversation here and you will receive no future comments until you use your main account.

In other news Spree has reopened it’s recruitment and hope to rebuild our activity levels. Growing our capabilities and recruiting the correct kinds of personalities is more important to me than any level of activity.

We are a more casual group at this time like many corps are during the summer time. We may grow beyond this but that is up to you guys joining spree and providing the support to do so. Unlike most leadership, we have no grand unattainable plan we evolve with our capabilities and continue to expand our experiences as we do.

You can become part of this. The choice is yours.

No spy or troll. Just don’t want you to mislead people. o7

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Join up and shoot stuff today!

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come come, we don’t bite…very often

sounds interesting. can fly a manticore and Cerberus I also make them.

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Do you consider corps you have war decc’ed =)

Everything is possible good sir, please refer to our CEO: https://evewho.com/pilot/Selina+Kubeq for that sort of conversation -> ingame via mail and/or in our recruitment channel: “Spree Recruitment”.

Thank you.

  • Want to do some suicide ganking, hunting war targets aka killing traders, haulers small and bigger gangs?
  • Maybe you enjoy kicking sandcastles by destroying people’s structures?
  • Do you like the idea of being a mercenary?

In Spree you can do all of that and more, please read post #1 and meet us ingame in our recruitment channel: “Spree Recruitment”