Looking for extra kills for your Alliance?

My corps kills would probably be useful to some Alliance so looking to find one that would like to add them. Don’t really care which. What would be preferable to me:

  1. A small alliance with no permanent blues (Other then alts, alt corps and such.).

  2. One that is as far away from Amamake/Auga as possible. I get to shoot and kill anything that comes through and would like to keep that as much as possible. Huge plus if you also stay away from Tama/Kedama cause I’m thinking of heading over there but this is less of a concern.

  3. Regularly scheduled bomber or black ops hot drops. These don’t generally help my stats but they are incredibly fun so I make exceptions. I can generally schedule around things and either leave jump clones in the area or just warp there with interceptors.

  4. A strait up monthly ISK bribe would not be turned down. Make it performance oriented and even better. :sunglasses:

  5. My corp is just me and I have a toon maxed in pretty much every ship, except supers, but don’t count on my for fleet ops. Again, I’m pretty busy in the real world so making unscheduled fleets, or long duration unscheduled ones, are pretty close to impossible for me. My primary contribution to your alliance would be helping your kill board and being VERY low maintenance. :wink:

That is pretty much it. Trolls please do your thing (Ridicule, harass, embarrass,etc). You are pretty much 90% of why I post on these things anyway. :confused:

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