INTEL ONLY PLZ, former blue donutters that are recruiting corps that want fun again

After the last year spent at war, lots of groups are now returning to krabbing. Not us, our focus is shifting away from space chores to just having fun.

Currently we’re residing in lowsec, though we’re active in whatever area of space takes our fancy, the aim is to spend the next 6 months-ish just chilling, no strat op spam, no blues, no politics, no untrustworthy leadership, no bullshittery about winning isk wars or morale victories. If it’s fun, we do it. If not, then we don’t. After that, we’ll be focusing down on a direction depending on what people are enjoying.

If you and your corp want to have somewhere to relax with a fun group of guys, please reach out to me in game and we can chat.

IN is still recruiting corps!

Hi Raeph MIkakka

your corp sound like a perfect match for our alliance. We do exactly what you do from venal (null npc) and our focus is just having fun and avoiding all blue doughnut, sov warfare and politics.

If you lads can consider working form npc space and help us kill frt and burners please contact me.

you can also read about our corp by visiting our website, so you get an idea of who we are and what we are doing:)


up to the top we go

IN is an alliance that’s recruiting corps, not a corp looking to be recruited. Thanks though.

fun guys to fly with
great atmosphere even in space :grinning:
enjoy the free bump daddy raeph :rofl:

Boomp, up again.

Still looking for corps to join our merry little band!

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