Looking for Low sec(non FW)

(pchila) #1

Hey all, I am coming back to game after about 1 year off. I love PVP and small gang type combat in low sec or null sec. I am 35 years old and would like to find a corp that is mature and will be a place where I can relax with cool people when not spending time with the wife and kids. My main has 161 M SP, and i have 2 alts that are an orca and a JF. Please hit me up in game if you have any ideas of good low sec corps that do small gang stuff and use ts or discord…



(rangerwolfy) #2

If you’re up for null you can check out mostly sober. I can give you more info if you want to make the jump

(Commander Shivari) #3

https://discord.gg/txhxpgB is a link to our public corporate discord channel. We are Null Sec (Fade region with MOA alliance) Talk to us, you won’t be disappointed.

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