Bittervet Returning

Sporadic activity over the past 2 - 3 years, but been back playing for the past month and really getting back into the game. Solo is fine, and often its all I want to do, but I am missing out on what eve has to offer, and what I have experienced before.

I enjoy small gang, WH, Blops, the idea of having a super cap and being able to use it outside of F1 monkey fleets.

What I offer, Mature, experienced from 2006 through 2018ish. quick learner, Isk self sufficient, 3 mains all 175mil+ (2 pure combat, 1 support) and around 40 other chars of varying SP, UK Player.

Not interested in the blue donut, f1 monkey, I am a member of a corp not a number. If your corp is in a big null alliance, I would want that corp to be independent of the alliance.

WH / LS/ NS considered.

Thanks for your time

Hi Optical

Welcome back and hope you find a good place to call home.

after reading your post i think our humble alliance could be a great place for you

If you dont mind please make sure to check our recruitment post out, there you will get some idea of what we do


hey buddy i realy love to have a chat whit you
so follow this link and hop on discord

Hi Optical,

Welcome back! Based on your description, I feel like you’d be a good fit in Dystopian Angels. In PVP, we prioritize tactics over numbers. While we’ve got a home in null sec, we look for content everywhere across New Eden.

If I’ve caught your interest, please take a look at our recruitment post. You’ll find out a bit more about us, as well as a link for our discord if you’d like to chat.

Thank you for your time!

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Oreet pal am looking for vets to join my corp. Am also co owner of a alliance thats base in ncp null. We have plenty of pew pew if thats the sort of thing you want. We have pretty much everything on there go. If your interested hit me up

Check us out and if your interested jump onto our discord for a chat!

Nakito Banner 4

Welcome back Optical, nice name btw!

I think we may offer you all what your looking for, were a tight-knit UK wormhole PVP corp based in a C5. Were “against the blue donut” so to speak, and were one of those “one corp alliances”. Were not the biggest, but were large enough to sometimes be able to fight back at some of the bigger groups.

The only thing we fail to offer you, is the use of a super cap (for obvious reasons). We do blops though, and other null sec roams.

If your interested at all, feel free to check us out. Were a friendly bunch, full of your lovely UK banter.


Also if your interested in reading more about us: [EU] Wormageddon | C5 Wormhole PVP | Tight Knit

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